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Sevenling (because I believe) – 24 June 2019

Sevenling (because I believe)

because I believe in faeries
I see them everywhere, in old tree hollows,
dancing in flower beds, flickering sparks of light at night

but only when they let me
instinctively, they know when I need
company, encouragement, a little mischief and magic

some believe in lofty patriarchal deities, but I believe in faeries…and they, in me


Happy International Faerie Day

The elements of the Sevenling are:
1. a heptastich, a poem in 7 lines made up of 2 tercets followed by a single line.
2. metered at the discretion of the poet.
3. unrhymed.
4. composed with 3 complimentary images in the first tercet and 3 parallel images in the second tercet. The end line is a juxtaposed summary of the 2 parallels, a sort of “punchline”.
5. the poem should be titled “Sevenling: (first few words of poem).

A Little Night Magic

Sharing a bit of magic with you as this weekend comes to an end. I happened to capture a snow faerie on my phone camera while I was on my walk tonight. Can you see her? Do you believe in faeries? I do! I do, I do, I do, I do, I do! ❤️🧚‍♂️❄️🧚‍♂️❤️

Just Magic

equal parts luck and timing
could be just magic


For Ronovan Writes Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge. Prompt words: chance (serendipity) and equal. This is a photo I took this morning. Raindrops on pine needles. But as I prepared the artwork I was surprised to see a faerie face looking back at me! Can you see it too? I love when that happens…serendipity…or could be just magic! 🧚🏽‍♀️

Faerie Fae


French Still Life by Janet Webb

In the gloaming, children would flock to Thistleberry Farm, clutching jelly jars with punctured lids, to hunt for fireflies. The field, a flickering yellow-green sea of waist-high grass and wildflowers, was teeming with them.

One girl collected fireflies in a covered crystal jar. She believed they were Faeries. The other children, cruel little beasts, teased her relentlessly. They called her Fae, for “Faerie Girl”. But Fae, as she would forever be known, didn’t seem to mind.

Some people believe she became a Faerie herself when she died. They say, “She haunts the gloaming, Faerie Fae, dressed in eerie blue.”


99 Words for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers  Flash Fiction Challenge inspired by this photo by Janet Webb and Blue Ghost Fireflies*, a firefly found in the Southeast US that does not flicker but glows and eerie pale blue.

*From firefly.org:


Blue Ghost Firefly

Phausis reticulata also known as blue ghost fireflies. These tiny fireflies are common throughout the southeastern US and are known as the “blue ghost” because they do not flash but glow with an eerie blue or green light. Females of the blue ghost are pale yellow or white in color and lack wings (right in photo below). Males do have wings and can fly (left in photo below). Since they have not be studied extensively little is still known about them and their habits

Faerie Voices on the Wind – A Cascade Poem

A Cascade Poem for Jane Dougherty’s poetry challenge, “Silent Cascade” prompted by the painting here and incorporating the following words: cascade, tresses, eagle, abandon, rippling. To learn more about the Cascade Poetry Form visit Shadow Poetry’s blogsite.


Silence, Waterfall and Forest by Arthur Bowen Davies

In the forest dark and deep
near an ancient rowan tree
she leans in so she can hear
faerie voices on the wind.

Faerie King has led her here
where the wood nymphs come to swim
twinkling on the rippling pools
in the forest dark and deep.

Overwhelming is the sound
of the cascade’s rushing din,
woodnote chatter, eagle shrieks,
near the ancient rowan tree.

Long shadowed ebon tresses
cloak the night as dew descends
muting sleepy earthen sounds
she leans in so she can hear.

Persevering to the end
with abandon, she prevails,
ever soft the twinkling bells
faerie voices on the wind.

kat ~ 3 June 2016

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