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Faerie Voices on the Wind – A Cascade Poem

A Cascade Poem for Jane Dougherty’s poetry challenge, “Silent Cascade” prompted by the painting here and incorporating the following words: cascade, tresses, eagle, abandon, rippling. To learn more about the Cascade Poetry Form visit Shadow Poetry’s blogsite.


Silence, Waterfall and Forest by Arthur Bowen Davies

In the forest dark and deep
near an ancient rowan tree
she leans in so she can hear
faerie voices on the wind.

Faerie King has led her here
where the wood nymphs come to swim
twinkling on the rippling pools
in the forest dark and deep.

Overwhelming is the sound
of the cascade’s rushing din,
woodnote chatter, eagle shrieks,
near the ancient rowan tree.

Long shadowed ebon tresses
cloak the night as dew descends
muting sleepy earthen sounds
she leans in so she can hear.

Persevering to the end
with abandon, she prevails,
ever soft the twinkling bells
faerie voices on the wind.

kat ~ 3 June 2016

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