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PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Field

She winced at the bruised reflection emerging, scored by the shrill squeal produced by the slow, circular motion of her wet hand on the mirror.

“I loathe you, you know.  You’re weak. You’re nothing!” She surrendered to the voices in her head, letting them to spill through her lips, hot tears burning her swollen cheeks.

No one believed her; not even the women. He was an esteemed community leader…board chair for the battered women’s shelter, a church deacon, little league coach.

She packed a few belongings and disappeared quietly; no note, no goodbyes. That is how nothing leaves a room.


100 words for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneer’s Challenge prompted by her photo of a closet-shower above.

Faerie Fae


French Still Life by Janet Webb

In the gloaming, children would flock to Thistleberry Farm, clutching jelly jars with punctured lids, to hunt for fireflies. The field, a flickering yellow-green sea of waist-high grass and wildflowers, was teeming with them.

One girl collected fireflies in a covered crystal jar. She believed they were Faeries. The other children, cruel little beasts, teased her relentlessly. They called her Fae, for “Faerie Girl”. But Fae, as she would forever be known, didn’t seem to mind.

Some people believe she became a Faerie herself when she died. They say, “She haunts the gloaming, Faerie Fae, dressed in eerie blue.”


99 Words for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers  Flash Fiction Challenge inspired by this photo by Janet Webb and Blue Ghost Fireflies*, a firefly found in the Southeast US that does not flicker but glows and eerie pale blue.

*From firefly.org:


Blue Ghost Firefly

Phausis reticulata also known as blue ghost fireflies. These tiny fireflies are common throughout the southeastern US and are known as the “blue ghost” because they do not flash but glow with an eerie blue or green light. Females of the blue ghost are pale yellow or white in color and lack wings (right in photo below). Males do have wings and can fly (left in photo below). Since they have not be studied extensively little is still known about them and their habits

Forever Yours…


PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Dearest Julia,

Each day I sit here enveloped by gloom, more so because you are not here to help me bide the time. I keep your favorite trinkets near the window. Like the swelling muddy river below, memories of our adventures flood my head with melancholy.

This house has become a prison to me since the accident. The visiting nurse brought fresh flowers hoping to cheer me. But eventually they died, reminding me of you.

Do you think of me in heaven, dearest? I pray each day that God would allow me to join you there.

Forever Yours,


~kat 18 March 2016
(99 words)

A flash of fiction in letter form for Friday Fictioneer’s Challenge based on the photo above by our hostess, Rochell Wisoff-Fields. Read other stories HERE.



Photo Credit: Erin Leary

It was the most beautiful house on the harbor, resting on pylons in the shallows surrounded by water lilies and draped in wisteria. The Otis Family lived there for over a hundred years…until the fire.

I remember the flames lapping the night sky turning it an angry red, the heavy smoke eclipsing the full moon. That night I became acquainted with death and the fragility of life.

I visit the harbor when I am home. T’was the flu that kept me from the party that night. The stupid flu that nearly took my life that summer saved me.

kat ~ 4 February 2016
(99 Words)

A flash of fiction in response to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields weekly Friday Fictioneers 100 Word Story Challenge. This week the story is inspired by Erin Leary’s photo above. If you would like to ready other stories or enter your own, click HERE.

FFfAW Challenge (100 Word Stories) – Week of 09-01-2015


FFfAW (Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers) Challenge – Week of 09-01-2015. This week’s photo prompt is provided by Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode. Thank you Louise!

100 Words…Except for One

“I’ll see you then”, she whispered through tears on that morning when he, duffel bag flung over his shoulder, boarded the train.

But she never said, “goodbye”.

Goodbyes are for endings and they were just beginning; busy with plans for a long happy future.

When she received the letter, delivered by two uniform-clad gentleman, it occurred to her as she thanked them smiling, “I never said goodbye.”

The townsfolk say you can set your watch by her arrival to the train platform, same time each day, mumbling over and again as the train passes, “but I never said goodbye…”

Kat ~ 2 September 2015

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