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Monday Magnets

i don’t recall the dream
ending this way, with
me here alone and you
on the wind…the bitter
crush, my aching breasts
a childless mother, barely
a whisper from death, and
yet I should have known
you were meant to fly


Magnetic Poetry – Original Kit



photo by Thomas Shellberg via Unsplash

dark house echoing
empty nest
gone are her children


A Lune Poem (5/3/5) for Sonya’s Three Line Tale challenge inspired by this photo by Thomas Shellberg via Unsplash

nesting empty

her wall is lined with
photographs of happy
smiles and silly faces,
destination postcard
vistas, wet-nosed flapping
puppy tongues and toothless
gummy grins. a monument
of moments captured by a
shutter snap, of life full-
lived but fleeting, scattered
now upon the wind.
at times she can imagine
pitter-pattered steps and
laughter, memories
fresh, warm as a whisper,
as it brushes past her
ear. the dust has settled
softly on her fading gallery,
her chicks have flown
the nest to make their
own sweet memories.

kat 2015

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