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don’t move in winter

don’t move in winter

if you can avoid it, don’t move
in winter when days are short, no
birdsong to sweeten the dawn; no
cricket chatter, no creepers
chirping to quell the cold, black
silence of endless nights…take
it from me, i don’t advise it, for
change is never easy during
the season of letting go; when
death looms in the shadows seeking
souls to pluck. Winter is not for the
faint of heart…i know, and yet,
i am a tree, uprooted, barren limbs
trembling, bending, mantle scattered
to the wind, faded fronds snatched
from my fingertips as frost’s cool
kisses nip; numb to the core, i am
dormant, no consolation but the
promise of spring, of soft rain fall,
sun-warmed buds bursting, fields
of flowering weeds, nestling beaks
gaping, earthworms slithering,
rainbows, and greening…beautiful
greening…sigh…the tree that i am
rests for now in sleepy slumber
inside these unfamiliar walls…
perhaps they will feel like
home come spring…come spring


January Biolet #9

there is no rustling of leaves
on this blustery winter’s day
naked tree limbs moan and sway
icy gusts swirl ‘neath the eaves
on this blustery winter’s day
there is no rustling of leaves


Cherita #27

cardinal perched aloft

high above the frosted earth
winter’s snap, an early spring denies

do you curse the cold as humans do
or can you feel the sun more keenly
amidst the spindly bones of trees?


Wintersong-Magnetic Poetry Monday

softly she comes
murmuring on cold
breezes, covering
the earth gently
with thick blankets
of frost…winter calls
every soul to deep peace


Magnetic Poetry-Nature Kit

Magnetic Poetry Saturday – 18 February 2017

when spring follows winter
too soon with greening and
beautiful rose and daffodil blooms
nature secretly longs
for one more frosting

~kat – 18 February 2017
(Magnetic Poetry – Nature Kit)

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