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sevenling (the dawn)

sevenling (the dawn)

Eos rises, cloak of saffron, glowing
roses blush beneath the mist from her wet kisses
her fiery passion breaks the darkest dark of night

i rise warmed by the glow of this new day
oblivious to this celestial passion play
grateful for the tomorrow promised yesterday

there's something in the air, conjuring the dawn in afterglow


sevenling (the caregiver)

sevenling (the caregiver)

because i do, and have loved you
for all these beautiful years…decades
through the best and worst, in health, in sickness…til death

vows i didn’t take lightly then
or now, as the piper comes to collect his due
i am a better person for it, because of you

exhausted, not from service, but from watching you suffer

-kat 2023 day two

Another Sevenling on this second day of 2023. 

sevenling (a new year)

sevenling (a new year)

on the first day the sun shone bright,
clouds streamed swiftly on the azure plane
the breeze was unseasonably warm

we closed another chapter, pages
singed with loss, happy milestones, grief…
what a daunting year it was

past midnight, heartache lingers, still, there is hope

~kat 2023 day one

Why a Sevenling? Because 2023, numerologically speaking, is a Universal Year 7. And what is a sevenling? 

the sevenling…
A three line stanza containing three things
A three line stanza containing three (contrasting) things
A one-line stanza that resolves or heightens the contrast

the title includes the word “sevenling” with the given title in parenthesis.

January Biolet #31

let us see past our differences,
shedding assumptions, labels, names
the things we need are all the same
love, compassion, significance
shedding assumptions, labels, names
let us see past our differences


January Biolet #30

the dopplers never lie to us
save yourselves a tempest’s coming
panic surges and then nothing
a spot of rain for all this fuss
save yourselves a tempest’s coming
the dopplers never lie to us


So…true story. I live in a mid-Atlantic state. When the weather forecasters utter the “s” words, snow…sleet…people here panic. Now I grew up in Chicago and it’s suburbs, so I’m not used to this sort of thing. We learned how to drive in the stuff as teenagers. Not here. The prospect of an inch or two of snow followed by freezing rain and plummeting temperatures causes all manner of mayhem. Schools and businesses close. Store shelves are depleted of milk and bread and if you happen to be at work when the stuff starts coming down there is a steady shuffle to the parking lot to get home before it gets bad. I know, because my cubicle is situated at the exit door.

Yesterday was one such weather event day. Just after noon a light rain started. My desk is near a window so there was an occasional glance over my shoulder to assess the situation. “Here it comes!” said one onlooker. “You need to get out and home before it gets bad,” said another. “Don’t stay too late.” “Be careful out there.” By now the schools had closed, so the parents were the first to escape danger. Then the rest of the staff made their way out into the tempest, which after an hour or so, had passed. The sky was bright blue with a few soft wisps of white. But the weather forecasters had told us to expect up to two inches of snow. One can’t be too careful you know. It all made me laugh!

As for me, I stayed on to the end of my shift. I got a lot of work done. No interruptions. And when it was time to go, I was rewarded with the most beautiful red sky sunset.

So that is what inspired my Biolet today. There were still rumblings if doom uttered today. It’s supposedly going to be very cold, not as cold as those North of us are facing, but cold. It is winter after all. This too shall pass. 😄🤣😄

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