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December Dodoitsu #10

dawning amber, silent morn
screaming tires, grinding spin
ripping through the frosted din
travelers beware


We had record breaking snowfall here in the Blue Ridge Valley. The official tally for my little town was 15 inches (38.1 cm). In a place where even a third of that depth can shut things down, I’m in no hurry to leave my cozy home. Bring on the hot cocoa and cinammon toast. Have a lovely Monday!

Essence #21

calendars say it’s spring
but today, it’s snowing


Day 21 for Jane Dougherty’s daily Essence poem challenge…another sign that winter is a rude guest that has no trouble wearing out his welcome. I admit he looks beautiful doing it, but I am so over him!

Monday Magnets

Getting a wee bit more snow this morning. Enough to be pretty. ❤️

cool stillness
a symphony of
icy blue
misty spray,
on my tongue


Original Magnetic Poetry Kit

Morning Snow – A Cherita

snowy morning

crystalline frosted clusters
floating down, down, down

tree limbs drooping
hush a-bye green
winter lingering


Time for another Cherita…it’s snowing on my little speck of earth this morning.

Winter Song

Winter Song

beautiful cold blanket
earth beneath resting
gently frosted as
breeze murmurrings
sweeten the air
with deep peace

softly comes
the dawn

kat ~ 7 January 2017
(Magnetic Poetry Nature Kit)

For Elusive Trope’s Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge.

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