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Essence #31


pascal moon, full-on blue
we swoon, like sea tides do


One last Essence poem for Jane Dougherty’s daily challenge. Adieu…adieu!

Essence #30

azure splashed, dappled grey,
clouds, wind-lashed, wisp away


Essence #30 for Jane Dougherty’s daily Essence Poem Challenge.

Essence #24

clouds of grey, muted light
cold spring day, dressed in white


Day 24’s Essence for Jane Dougherty’s Challenge is dressed in white…again. Winter is not finished with us yet. Another tantrum expected today. I shall be heading out for milk and bread soon…I’m kidding of course. There are a few other things on my shopping list as Saturday is my go to market day. I truly dread having to mingle with the bread and milk fiends. At any rate, bad weather is the good news for today…while orange is off golfing our children will be marching in the streets for their lives. Spring snow is a dreary diversion from the madness, but also a sobering reminder of a bitter chill that refuses to leave.

Essence #21

calendars say it’s spring
but today, it’s snowing


Day 21 for Jane Dougherty’s daily Essence poem challenge…another sign that winter is a rude guest that has no trouble wearing out his welcome. I admit he looks beautiful doing it, but I am so over him!

Essence #19

blossoms burst snowy white
springtime’s first dazzling sight


Essence #19 for Jane Dougherty’s Daily Essence Poem Challenge. The medians on my way to work are lined in a sea of white blooms. I love the contrast of white on black branches…even if they make me sneeze!

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