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Essence #17

cat striped, sunlight streaming
a blissful sight, dreaming


Day 17’s Essence for Jane Dougherty’s Challenge. A bit late to the party but it took the late afternoon sun to capture the magic. Meet my fluffy grey, Sebastian. ❤️

Essence #13

winter stings budding trees
soon comes spring’s balmy breeze


Day 13 of Jane Dougherty’s Daily Essence Poem Challenge.

Essence #12

snow storm, don’t lose your head
fools swarm for milk and bread


For Jane Dougherty’s daily essence poem challenge.

Update: Got an alert on my phone this morning. Office closed. Work from home…it’s brutal out there…

(Click on the photo above to see the hilarious video)

Essence #11

time lost, save daylight’s sweep
what I crave is more sleep


This is day 11 of Jane Dougherty’s Daily Essence Poem Challenge.

So…I am not a fan of Daylight Savings Time, especially in Spring. Nature’s got this, you know. She doesn’t need our help! The days are actually getting longer. I’m going to need a nap today to make up for the hour of sleep I lost this morning and to help me stay up an hour later tonight in order to wake up an hour earlier tomorrow morning so I’m not late for work. Way to keep us depressingly oppressed government officials who think this is a good idea! Haha! I jest, of course. It’s silly law I think. I found this little meme that expresses the lunacy of daylight savings time perfectly! 🤪

Essence Poem #9

Dandy shoots dot the lawn,
weedy roots, spring is on!


Day 9 of Jane Dougherty’s Essence Poetry Challenge to write a short poem a day. Crazy weather! Blizzard, white-out conditions for a few hours yesterday and this morning, I woke to sunshine with a yard full of dandelions! Sunday and Monday is looking grim…more snow in the forecast! 😳

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