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Saturday with the Muse

make no promises
if you love me
please don’t say
only the things
I want to hear
my heart knows
that is not love

no one sees her
brokenness, for she
is always smiling
but the blush on
her cheeks gives
her dark secret away

there’s a hint
of spring in the
cool mist after it
rains…a symphony
of sweetness on
the wind, greening

I fall out of
harmony with my
beautiful wild nature
when I stop
listening to the wind


Magnetic Poetry

Saturday Magnets

a thousand tiny flowers
charmed by the sun
innocently bloom, trusting,
never thinking that it is
too soon for spring

only a breath lingers
of their young voices
the window for listening
devoured by the latest
news of the day


I could only muster two magnetic poems today…so much sadness this week. Peace and love to you.

Saturday Magnets

I heard a bird’s

sweet song, happy

for winter’s warmth

out of season, and there

were blossoms blooming…

but it is too soon

frost is coming

under the starry night

sky it’s easy to believe

in dreams, making

promises that we

won’t keep…then

morning comes

I am just a

fool who lingers

a bit too long

in my head

bleeding poetry with

each heart throb

you could shine like

a diamond crushed

into a thousand

tiny bits, but

you are afraid

of flying


Magnetic Poetry Online

Saturday Magnets

go gently my loves

you need not fight for

the light to come

remember what you

know to be true

you can trust that the

sun will find its

way to fill the sky

as it has always been


of rain



come sleep

it is time

to dream

deep is the water

cold and wild as it

wanders over mossy

stones, earth brown

dark and thick with


a life that

lingers from

less to nothing

is a long, slow

eternity of almost


Magnetic Poetry Online – the Love, Original, Nature, Poet Kits

Saturday Magnets

in this age of streaming
video and easy information
there are some complete
droids that live as if
the world is flat

cool breathy kisses
soft clouds of air on the breeze
blush warm lingering

daydreaming, no
stars to wish on
and the sun laughs
at our little hopes
glaring there in the
sky, not listening

they longed for worldly
things as though things
could make them happy
if only they’d known
that things don’t last
only memories do


Magnetic Poetry Online

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