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Brrrr…my Buddy! 

My Sun Conure , Mr. Bean, celebrating “Talk Like A Pirate Day” last year!

“Shiver Me Timbers!”
his mate Polly squawked on repeat…
“Avast!” old Jack cried!

No truer friend, she,
Willing to shiver, huddled
With me, ice fishing.

Their friendship was true
Growing deeper into love,
Two hearts a-flutter.

kat ~ 28 March 2016

A few Haiku for Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge…prompt words: Friend & Shiver. Read other Haiku or enter  your own HERE.

No More…


The increasing number of terrorist-driven tragedies has broken my heart. I do pray for the victims, their families…for our world that is becoming increasingly violent. And I also pray that my own heart will never become cold to the horror of such senseless violence. I pray for peace ultimately. I shall never cease to pray for peace…

News of yet another sorrow
Breaks my heart, already bleeding
Hope for peace, to death conceding
Left to fear the next tomorrow.

Hate infuses to the marrow
Hardened hearts that cease believing
News of yet another sorrow
Breaks my heart, already bleeding.

Horror lurches from the shadows
Evil lies in wait deceiving
Pawns emboldened do their bidding
Brazened hearts who blindly follow
News of yet another sorrow
Breaks my heart, already bleeding.

kat ~ 27 March 2016
(Sestet Rondel)

Sestet Rondel Form: A and B are the refrains, with a rhyme scheme of ABba abAB abbaA(B). The meter is open, but typically has eight syllables.

Thrice Mugged

A Mugga Mug is a real thing…see it here:

She was mugged, she cried
A guy with a scary mug
Snatched her mug of brew!

kat ~ 27 March 2016

This Haiku in response to TJ’s weekly challenge. This week’s prompt: Mug. Read more HERE.

More Sadness…


Indoor Cat – A Haiku

For a single glimpse
Of squirrels or birds in flight
A predator waits.

kat ~ 27 March 2016

A haiku in response to Haiku Horizon’s prompt: Cat. Read other haiku or enter your own HERE.

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