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Southern Pleasantries


Photo by ivabalk at

“Come see us sometime…”
I promise to stay in touch.
They’ll never miss me.


For Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge, prompt Words: Touch & Miss.

Graveyard of the Woobies


PHOTO PROMPT © Danny Bowman

“Are you sure this is the place?”
“Positive. I remember that hill.”
“Well, let’s get to it then. Grab a shovel.”
“You know it was just a joke. I didn’t mean anything by it.”
“A joke you say? It has haunted me for 30 years. How could you do such a thing to a kid?”
“Jeeze man! What are you gonna do with that dirty old…”
“Woobie…it was my woobie. Does it matter? I just want it back.”
“Oh…I had a secret invisibility cloak once. It didn’t work or anyth…”
“Shut up and dig!”


94 Words for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Friday Fictioneer challenge based on the photo above by Danny Bowman.

Twittering Tale #48 – 5 September 2017


About the challenge: Each Tuesday I will provide a photo prompt. Your mission, if you choose to accept the challenge, is to tell a story based on that prompt in 140 characters or less. Be sure to let me know in the comments with a link to your tale.

A final note: if you need help tracking the number of characters in your story, there is a nifty online tool that will count for you at

I will do a roundup each Tuesday, along with providing a new prompt. Have Fun!

Twittering Tale #47 – The Roundup

Loved your tales this past week. Several of you took a stroll down memory lane, relived childhood play and recalled some of the interesting things we did with marbles…like frying them to make them crackle. Thanks, Ghost, for that memory. I had forgotten all about crackling marbles. As always a few of you took an inspirational approach…and there were a few that just plain made me chuckle…and blush! Thanks again for joining the challenge. Here’s the Round-up. Be sure to visit you fellow tweeter’s blogs!


Photo by David Estebanez at

Starting us off, here’s mine:
I heard he lost his marbles!
Yeah. That mibster was fudging. He knuckled down, knocked his aggies out and even took his taw for keepsies. 
(137 Characters)

From Reena at Reinventions:
The glass artist said marble collections inspired him.
“Ur take on the stained glass deceptions painted on canvas?”
“The artist has grown up.”
(140 characters)

From Michael at Morpethroad:
My dad’s better than your dad.
He isn’t, my dad never fudges.
Neither does mine, he’s round to go round.
My dad will beat your dad.
Bet cha.

From Di at Pensitivity101:
‘I found these for you Grampy as Nan said you lost yours years ago.’
The old boy smiled toothlessly, his eyes alight.
‘Wonderful! Let’s play!’
(140 characters)

From Fandango at This, That, and the Other:
Glass Cat’s Eye marbles for sale. Various sizes and shapes. Great for kids and collectors. These gems will go fast, so don’t miss out.
(134 characters)

From Willow at WillowDot21:
Mirror glass and  colours  shine
All reflections  and  fractals entwine
Rolling  swift across  the  floor
Bowling graded balls  of  glass
Lovely childhood  memories for  sure
Even ground or  sloping  hill, Tarmac  or  grass
Super special best game of  marvellous  marbles

From Lady Lee at Lady Lee Manilla:
Memories of youth
My happiness
Naive in the world
I wanted simple things
Ate ice – cream
Played hide-and-seek
Played catch , marbles , yoyo
My past
(140 characters)

From Deepika at Deepika’s Ramblings:
We are similar to humans and come in different colors, sizes and textures, just like them. The difference being, we believe in transparency.
140 characters

From Leena at Soul Connection:
“Mom Look Wht I Found,MARBLE!”
She Took,Closed One Eye n Held It 2wrds Sun.Smile Carved On Her Sad Face.
Childhood Memories Nvr Fail To Do Dat.

From Vivian at Smell the Coffee:
As we played, one marble rolled away and disappeared into a hole
in the wall. I bent low to see and sat up in shock; an
eyeball stared back.
(140 Characters)

From Francine at Woman Walks Dog:
Kat’s photo prompt this week is of a cluster of shiney new marbles. Led me to think about Britain’s colonial past, would you believe ?
UK Envoy             We have marbles for you
Greek Curator   You mean THE Marbles
U E                         Er   yes
G C                        The Elgin marbles you stole from us
U E                         Look at these lovely marbles truly gems in glass

From GhostMMNC at TeleportingWeena:
“Coming of Age in Marble Land”
“Don’t be scared, little ones,” said Mama Marble
“The skillet is very hot, but you’ll love the icy bath afterwards,
and you’ll be beautiful.”
Character count = 139

From Radhika at Radhika’s Reflection:
Hey buddies! I am bored sitting here . Kids these days, just don’t let go their gadgets.  I yearn for the good old days of play time and fun!
Letter count : 140

From Edwin at Edwin’s Journal:
A Round Marble,
Once it was fun, loaded to the fullest
A Game, I wished to play, forever enjoy
But now, a thing of nostalgic feelings

From Kirst at KirstWrites:
Every step echoed across the bare floor. Holding a box of broken toy cars and faded drawings, he closed the door for the last time.
(131 characters)

From Peter at Peter’s Ponderings:
For those of a delicate disposition READ NO FURTHER.
These are what they used to get the right dangle.
The scar is fast disappearing so you can hardly notice!
Bollocks, I do so miss them though!
(139 characters)

From Kalpana at Gemini in the Sky:
Dad, Mom, my siblings were relaxing in our box. 
The naughty kids picked us to play a game.
Can’t these humans be on their play-stations?
139 characters.

From Adnil on Facebook:
Marbles nudged by soaked red mittens. Little holes in the frozen white snow. Ad hoc rules of innocence. Spoils of “victory” still make the ❤ smile.

Twittering Tale #48 – 5 September 2017

It’s time for a coffee break. So tell me, is this a secret rendevous, a business meeting, a favorite study nook, a blind date, deep conversation, an argument, a meet up with an old friend? There are so many possibilities! Coffee shops have become the dime store “diners” of our time. (If you don’t know what a dime store diner is…or for that matter a dime store…they were the meet and greet places back in the day…I’m talking 1950’s-60’s with daily “Blue Plate Specials” on the menu. So, my fellow tweeters, brew me a tale of 140 or less. Have fun! I’ll see you at next week’s roundup!


Coffee Shop from “Free Images” on

“Get whatever Gramps. I’m payin’.”

“A coffee, please.”

“Decaf? Dark roast? Cream? Soy? Sugar or…?

“Good god! COFFEE! Black. Do you have that?

(140 Characters)



Today’s Word of the Day at is incogitant. Not to be confused with incognizant or incognito, which google presented as possibilities. Incognitant is definitely a word, originating in the 17th century, though it does seem to be less popular than its cousins.

All three words have a common root, the Latin cōgitāre “to think” and the Latin negative prefix in-. it is when we add the suffix -ant “inclined to, tending to” that tweaks the meaning. Incogitant is defined as thoughtless; inconsiderate; not having the faculty of thought. While incognizant implies a sense of being unaware of something or unknowing, it is more in a passive or clueless sort of way, and incognito has to do with disguised identity, incogitant, with its tiny change in suffix -tant involves an element of willfulness. In fact, wiktionary simply defines incogitant as ignorant.

These days the streets are swarming with incogitant people. People who are not the least bit interested in knowing the truth, and worst of all, those who act on that ignorance to an extreme. Sound familiar? Maybe it’s just me. 🤔

Anyhoo…before I close this wordplay, I found one other reference while researching today’s word. A shout out to French philosopher and mathematician René Descartes’ (1596–1650) who coined the famous line, “cōgitō ergō sum” (“I think therefore I am”). Does that mean if I don’t think, I am not? Best to leave that one alone…along with the incogitant people of the world, unless of course, you engage them while incognito…just to be safe. My guess is they are incognizant that they are incogitant, precisely because they don’t care that they are either!

Here are a few Haiku then. Reminds me of another quote…”Never have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.” 😊 okay…I’m done now. Have a great weekend!

“Let them eat brioche!”
an incogitant retort
spoken from privilege

Covfefe…say what?
Incogitant tweet perhaps,
or sly like a fox?



PHOTO PROMPT© Jan Wayne Fields

Like two kids in a toy store, Todd and Julia filled their Camping World cart with hundreds of dollars worth luxury equipment: an elevated airbed, solar-powered shower kit, deluxe outdoor kitchen with propane grill and a French press.

Todd set up the tent and other essentials while Julia happily strung battery-operated lights around the campsite. After a gourmet dinner they settled in for the night.

“Just listen to that. Silence.” Todd whispered. “Isn’t this great?” he sighed.

“No,” Julia whined, “I miss noise. Can we go home?”


“Now. Don’t hate me. I just don’t think I’m into roughing it.”


100 Words exactly for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Friday Fictioneers Challenge inspired by the photo above by Jan Wayne Fields.

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