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The Abduction


Photo Credit: S Writings

Deb had only looked away for a second. Frantically, she scanned the clusters of children clamoring for candy tossed from the parade float.

“Sarah! Sarah!” she called, but the ‘boom, boom, boom’ of the marching band’s drum section was deafening.

Deb’s heart was racing. She retraced their steps, through the crowds toward the town square. The last people she wanted to involve was the police, but she was desperate.

“Sir,” Deb pleaded to the officer, “I’ve lost my 5 year-old. Her name is Sarah. I’ve looked everywhere. I can’t find her!”

“You said her name was Sarah?”

“Yes, Sarah…she’s 5. She has a pink t-shirt…and blue jeans.”

“Well that might explain this note.  We found it attached to one of the painted display cows.”

The officer watched Deb intently as she read, “I have Sarah, Deb. You know she belongs with me. The courts awarded me custody. Jon”

“Is the note true, ma’am?”

“Yes…” Deb mumbled in defeat.

“I think you better come with me. Jon is pressing charges.”

kat ~ 29 March 2016
(173 Words)

A story for FFfAW (Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer) Photo Prompt. Thanks to PJ (Priceless Joy) for hosting. Read other stories HERE.

The Portrait Hall


Photo Credit: Uday, with the blog, Udayology

“Come on, it will be fun!” Shawna said, dragging me to the old abandoned building.

We were on vacation and had decided to do our own exploring away from the tour group.

The heavy door scratched the floor as we pushed it open. Inside the dimly lit room, frames of various shapes and sizes covered the walls floor to ceiling.

We moved closer. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Each frame had the image of one of my relatives. “Are you seeing what I’m seeing?”

“It’s wild! There’s my grandma…and my cousin. How is this possible?!”

“Wait a minute. You’re seeing portraits of YOUR family?”

“Yeah…every frame a different one, some I don’t even know. But they’re old. Maybe, my ancestors? This is weird!”

“What’s WEIRD is that I’m seeing all of MY family members in the frames.”

Without saying a word Shawna and I bolted for the door. Before slamming it behind us, we turned to look one last time at the daylight illuminated walls. Each frame actually contained a mirror!

Now THAT is weird!

kat ~ 22 March 2016

A story in response to PJ’s (Priceless Joy) Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer Challenge based on the photo above by Uday, with the blog, Udayology. If you would like to read other stories or add your own, click HERE.




The Mutt


Photo Source: Pixabay

Sam never much liked that mutt tagging along, but his buddy Chuck seemed to need him so he put up with it. There were times of course, when Bart (that’s what Chuck called him) proved to be an asset, especially at night. Bart remained vigilant, warning them of approaching intruders, allowing them to sleep, a rare gift on the front. Sam grew to appreciate their tag-a-long but he kept his distance.

No one, not even Bart could have seen it coming. The bomb lurked under the path waiting for someone to trip it. Today, that someone was Chuck. Sam and Bart rushed to him as soon as they regained their own bearing from the force of the blast, but Chuck was already gone.

As the medics carried away his friend’s remains, Sam looked down at Bart, tears in his eyes. “Don’t worry buddy, you’re with me now.”

Sam never much liked that mutt, but now he couldn’t imagine going on without him.

kat ~ 18 March 2016
(162 words)

A story based on the photo prompt above for FFfAW (Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers) hosted by Priceless Joy (PJ). If you would like to ready other stories or enter your own click HERE.

The Detour


Photo Credit: Louise at The Storyteller’s Abode

The footsteps behind her were persistent. Samantha clutched the camera bag close to her chest. Her heartbeat thudded faster, a dull drone in her ears. Each time she sped up, so did he.

“Just keep moving, Sam. You’ll find the others soon. You only left the tour group for a minute,” she told herself. The air was still, haunting, but for her footsteps and his. She started to sweat. Her lungs were gulping for air as she quickened her pace to a light jog.

The edge of the garden just ahead was surrounded by a wall. Samantha stopped, defeated, realizing the only way to return to the group was to retrace her steps. She mustered every bit of resolve she had, turned, stared intently at the ground and pushed herself forward.

He had stopped walking. As Samantha approached, she could see his shadow, long, dark, looming on the walkway just ahead. “Just walk. No eye contact. You can do this.” The top of his shadow loomed closer…closer…

“Excuse me Miss. You dropped your lens cover.”

kat ~ 10 March 2016
(175 Words)

This story is in response to the Photo Prompt for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW) weekly challenge. If you would like to read other stories or enter your own, click HERE.  Thanks to PJ (Priceless Joy) for hosting this awesome challenge and to Louise at The Storyteller’s Abode for this great photo! 🙂



Beautiful Liar


Photo Credit: Ady

“The red bench, he said. Meet me at the red bench. Do you know how many red benches there are? Sixteen! I know because I counted each one…twice!”

The squirrel was unusually attentive as Sally ranted. She was a wet mess after traipsing through the park! She plopped on the nearest bench to catch her breath.

The clock tower in the square started to gong. When Sally looked up he was walking toward her. At least she thought it was him. She glanced behind to make sure.

“Wow. His photo did not do him justice,” she thought, “how can someone so handsome take such awful pictures?”

“You must be Sally! I’d know you anywhere!”

“Hello…Charles? You are Charles, aren’t you?”

He laughed. “Yes. It’s me. I hope I didn’t keep you waiting.”

“Not at all,” Sally lied, “I just arrived myself.”

He knew she was lying. He didn’t care. Watching her go from bench to bench, talking to squirrels had captured his heart.

He reached for her hand, “Let’s get dinner, shall we?”

~ kat – 9 February 2016
(175 Words)

This story is inspired by the photo above as part of Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer’s (FFfAW) weekly challenge. If you would like to read other stories and or enter your own, click HERE.


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