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Shi Sai Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 11 June 2017

These days reality is a subjective…uh, reality. Based on our own personal perspectives and tinged by our beliefs, socio-economic statuses, cultures, and personal demons, is it possible to really know what is true and real? How do we navigate our way through the spin and lies so prevalent in this alt-reality world? And what is more disturbing; how did we get here? Have we always been here?

If not, what was the tipping point? When did we lose our common sense of humanity, our faith, our minds? By splintering off into polarized hoards to feel safe, we have never been so alone. The truth, or at least our growing collective impression of truth, is that we can’t trust anyone. We can’t even trust ourselves. Especially when the powerful tell us that what we’re seeing and hearing is not what we’re seeing and hearing. We’re all a bit mad.

This week we witnessed an epic battle. It. Was broadcast globally for our entertainment. Truth was on trial. On one side, an honorable gladiator and career lawman, albeit a showboater, who likes to write memos that read like noir novellas, gave his sworn testimony. On the other side, another showboater, but a rich, powerful one (as in leader of the free world, powerful), an undisputed serial liar with no respect for the rule of law, tweeted an opposing recollection, as well as sending his bumbling henchman, who doesn’t know how to use spellcheck, to the national stage to hold court.

The drama is being aired 24/7 and each showboater is given the same consideration. Democracy demands that we are fair and balanced. That we give each view equal time and value. But it doesn’t feel right. It feels a bit insane. Surely both sides aren’t the speaking the truth. There is only one truth, right?

Sadly we may never know. It’s probaly best to turn off the telly and mobile news prompts and avoid print altogether, but I admit, I’m hooked. I can’t bring myself to look away. I have to see how this ends. I’m terrified to see how this ends.

At any rate, I hope you have a great week. May our personal realities make us feel safe and happy. Right now, that’s all we’ve got.

Shi Sai Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 11 June 2017

tears for all
settle down
dust on air, drifting
wild, wet blossom bursting
blushing innocence, giggles
never looked back
ashes to dust
rude bursts of hot air
grumbling optional
bellyaching nitpickers
your lattice is fading
in the blackest of times
everyone knew his name…Chuckles


A shi sai or ReVerse poem is a summary poem with a single line lifted from each entry of a collection of work over a particular timeframe and re-penned in chronological order as a new poem. Unlike a collaborative poem, the shi sai features the words of one writer,providing a glimpse into their thoughts over time. I use it as a review of the previous week.

Birth of a Lie – NaPoWriMo 2017 #19


the birth of a lie

once upon a time, when words had meaning
when everyone believed that words were true
no living soul conceived they’d need to question
or turn a blind eye in the face of proof

it was a time of blissful innocence
until the day the first untruth took hold
‘twas only meant to spare another’s feelings
I’m sure you’d do the same, if truth be told

but oh what happened after its telling
the ignorance and bliss of those deceived
everyone agreed, it bore repeating
and so the lie, it grew like a bad seed

when naysayers tried hard to deny it
they were swiftly cast aside, reviled
greedy profiteers began to sell it
for blissful happiness, the crowds went wild

soon the truth was hidden twixt the pages,
and history rewritten, as preferred,
faux everything became the rage of ages
and truth was just an inconvenient blur

sometimes truth will show up unexpected
like a fragile flower amidst the weeds
you can recognize it using reason
don’t be surprised if nobody believes

kat – 19 April 2017
(NaPoWriMo 2017 #19 – a dramatization of a creation myth…birth of a lie for today’s prompt in the form of a Fable Poem.)

Come…Death – a Sextuple Tetractys

Liberty – Gee Vaucher. Gouache and pencil on paper.

to collect
your witless souls
those wide-eyed fools who believed they were “us”
not the vile “them’s” you promised to crush
while erecting
in your
not meant
to keep “them”
out, but rather
set in rock and sand, a symbol of our
blackened heart, Liberty with beacon snuffed
her golden door
shuttered to
the tired
plunder stockpiled by those who have plenty
the masses damned, played their pathetic hands
and lost the deal
forced to fold
hope is

~kat – 16 March 2017
(A Sextuple Tetractys Poem)

two sides to every winner…and loser


It’s a new day          so it begins
a great victory          the unraveling,
for the forgotten          rejection of
rust belt
          ideals of justice and freedom by those
patriots          who fear assimilation,
who look back          who build walls
obsessed          against those who are other
with a time when          those who are different
everyone knew their place,          as protective measures
when no one challenged          stoked by fear
the status quo          established by the powerful elite

kat ~ 8 December 2016
(a Cleave Poem – A Cleave poem is a “Three in One” poem. Read the first column top to bottom as one poem, the second column top to bottom as separate poem and across both lines top to bottom for a third poem.)

Let Them Eat Dirt!

Cartoonist Dave Granlund at davegranlund.com

Politicians hawk their brand, | To the media talking heads

Snake oil purveyors  | who clamor for the latest dirt

whose loyalty is sold | because dirt sells advertising

to the highest bidder… | where truth doesn’t matter…

vile bottom feeders | just don’t call yourselves journalists!

kat ~ 30 March 2016

To learn more about the Cleave poem or to give it a try yourself, click HERE to Jane Dougherty’s poetry challenge.

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