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D-Day Memorial – Echoes of my Neighborhood

Happy Thursday and welcome to my neighborhood. It’s been a few weeks since my last post to Jacqueline’s Echoes of my Neighborhood Challenge. To be honest I ran out of micro, macro, oddities to show you…and it is likely very clear that I do not get out much! 🙂 Besides my day job and taking care of my critters, I rarely wander past my front door. But this past weekend I had the honor to visit an historical site to hear a concert. With all the unrest in the world today, it is good to reflect on the past to realize that we have the capacity to come together, nation to nation to defeat a common enemy. Even when the price is great, good eventually overcomes evil. And that gives me hope!

From the National D-Day Memorial Website: On June 6th, 1944 United States soldiers, in one of the most pivotal battles of World War II, invaded the French coastline in order to propel German soldiers out of Western Europe and lead the way for victory against the tyrants of that era. Dedicated on June 6th, 2001 by president George W. Bush, the National D-Day Memorial was constructed in honor of those who died that day, fighting in one of the most significant battles in our nations history.

It is located in Bedford, Virginia (about 45 minutes from where I live). Why Bedford? Here is a second excerpt from the Memorial’s website:

Bedford, Virginia… 
Like eleven other Virginia communities, Bedford provided a company of soldiers (Company A) to the 29th Infantry Division when the National Guard’s 116th Infantry Regiment was activated on 3 February 1941. Some thirty Bedford soldiers were still in that company on D-Day; several more from Bedford were in other D-Day companies, including one who, two years earlier, had been reassigned from the 116th Infantry to the First Infantry Division. Thus he had already landed in both Northern Africa and Sicily before coming ashore on D-Day at Omaha Beach with the Big Red One. Company A of the 116th Infantry assaulted Omaha Beach as part of the First Division’s Task Force O. 

By day’s end, nineteen of the company’s Bedford soldiers were dead. Two more Bedford soldiers died later in the Normandy campaign, as did yet another two assigned to other 116th Infantry companies. Bedford’s population in 1944 was about 3,200. Proportionally this community suffered the nation’s severest D-Day losses. Recognizing Bedford as emblematic of all communities, large and small, whose citizen-soldiers served on D-Day, Congress warranted the establishment of the National D-Day Memorial here.

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All photos by Kat Myrman – July 2016

Echoes of my Neighborhood

BumperSnickers! That’s what I like to call this week’s Echoes. Actually, I didn’t realize what a challenge this idea would be. A decade or more ago, bumper stickers were everywhere! But when I decided to actually capture a few snapshots, I discovered that it is a dying form of passive communication. We have gravitated to other means  of speaking our mind…Twitter, blogs, social media, “memes” and vanity plates! I spend just under an hour to and from work each day on the road, so I do find them entertaining. At any rate, I did manage to snap a few while I was out and about.  Happy Thursday!

I do actually…well not me…my dog! I have an English Mastiff. Drool is everywhere from floor to ceiling. We keep wipe rags on hand just in case!

I can relate to this one! My dog is my BFF! 🙂

Now this is more like it! Reminds me of the good old bumper sticker days!!!

Something tells me this person knows how to take life easy…:)

This one is definitely interesting!

What they said…I consider myself one of the sane ones.

Alma Maters are popular in my neighborhood!

A utility vehicle. Pinch point does not sound good.

I see this often. I like it. Why can’t we all just get along…

A profession of faith…

Had to throw this one in. Not a bumper sticker per se…but definitely a fun message! Ha!
This is a weekly feature inspired by Jacqueline at her blog A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales. 

Echoes of my Neighborhood

I am staying with the Tree theme this week for my Echoes of my Neighborhood entry. I have been keeping a close eye on my young Magnolia tree. She has not had a blooming season yet in her young life, until this year. As temperatures warmed she burst into new growth, more than I had seen in Spring’s past. And most recently I noticed a single bud forming. 

As my birthday approached this week I secretly hoped for a a full bloom on my special day. And to my great delight, that is exactly what happened. I like to call events like this serendipitous. It is a truly humbling and wonderful blessing! And so I am sharing with you photos that I took this morning and again this evening. What a wonderful gift! 

There is quite a bit of symbolism at play as well. The Chinese people celebrate a 60th birthday as a completion of a full life cycle. It is a day of rebirth. When you see some of the symbolism associated with the Magnolia blossom, you will see what I mean when I say this flowering is serendipitous! 

The Symbolism of the Magnolia Blossom

Magnolia blossoms are considered the very first or most primitive flowers. Because of this, they are also said to be a symbol of long life. White Magnolia blossoms represent purity, feminine sweetness and perfection and are symbols of Luna or moon goddesses. They are associated with life force and birth. The name Magnolia is the number 9 in Numerology, signifying the completion of a cycle and standing as a universal number. It likewise symbolizes a lifetime of fulfillment and nobility. Receiving a magnolia bloom brings the message, “You are worthy of a beautiful magnolia.” ❤

What a blessing that my little tree blossomed today of all days! 

June 2. 2016 – 6:30 am

June 2, 2016 – 6:00 pm – Beginnings of an open blossom!

Serendipitous, indeed! 🙂

Echoes of my Neighborhood

It’s Thursday and time to share some snippets from my world. Thanks to my friend Jacqueline for hosting this weekly invitation: Echoes of my Neighborhood. 

This week I’m thinking trees. I love trees. Yes, I’m a tree hugger. Trees have stories to tell. Happy Thursday then…and do yourself a favor…hug a tree! ❤️

Starting this “tree party” with my latest obsessiion…the Faerie tree. she happens to also be a Dogwood. I love Dogwoods! ❤️

This lovely lady is Magnolia.

This great dame resides in Highland Park. She’s my favorite at the park.

This beauty is near the entrance of my office.

A posthumous remembrance…this lovely Weeping Cherry once graced the roundabout on my street. A derecho took her down.

From my weekend in Savannah.

The next four live along the Creeper Trail in Abington, Virginia

A frosty Fir tree in my neighbor’s yard next to my front porch.

Also my neighbor’s tree…it’s a “bottle tree”! 😊

…and a few blocks away…a stuffed animal tree. it’s proprietor claims she sought to beautify an ugly tall stump by hanging a few stuffed animals on it. over the years…yes years! people have given her more stuffed animals and the rest is history! An attempt to beautify an eyesore has now become one!

…and my own creation…digitally enhanced from my back yard…the tree with a bird shaped leaf in winter.

Echoes of my Neighborhood

How amusing to find that my friend Jacqueline of A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales (and our Challenge Hostess) chose to feature art for her selections this week! I had been planning to share a peak into my art room for the past two weeks! My busy schedule did not allow me to share last week, but I finally found a quiet moment to pull out some of my paintings. The truth is I am itching to get my hands back at it. But I have so enjoyed writing. Trying to find the time to do both!!! At any rate, here’s a bit of me on canvas. Have a great week!!!! 😊

My first acrylic painting. Art class for a play day at work. 😊

“Loving With Arms Wide Open” 1999

Winter Tree


Beachscape – watercolor on gesso

Beach – watercolor

Jesus Weeping



The Closet



Eos Rising






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