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Spring Vespers – A Haiku

Persephone smiles
and the earth blooms, its vespers,
spring’s fragrant, first breath.


For Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge, Prompt words: worship (vespers) and goddess (Persephone).

Magnetic Poetry Saturday

the goddess whispers
to us in the stillness
as we sleep singing
rock-a-bye songs
our dreams bittersweet


(Magnetic Poetry Original Kit)

Roar – Magnetic Poetry Monday – 23 January 2017

Crowd Photo by Mike Hudema from Greenpeace – Washington DC – January 21, 2017


we are not useless as
smooth tongues like to whisper,
drunk on love, sweetly chanting
pink fluff and blather, for beneath
our gorgeous skin lies the heart of
a goddess whose blood boils from
watching repulsive, lying, shadows of
men crush the dreams of her young…

her name is woman…she is a
mother and she never sleeps

©kat ~ 23 January 2017

(Magnetic Poetry – Original Kit)

Magnetic Poetry Monday -28 November 2016

she is a goddess,
a symphony if beauty,
sweet like peaches in milk
and honey, dressed in fluffy
pink…she is light and love,
all woman-girls who recall
their dreams of spring.

kat ~ 28 November 2016

Magnetic Poetry Monday – 25 July 2016


moon over my head
the goddess whispers
love on the wind
beneath the purple
blue sky…her
misty sprays of
cool, sweet rain urge
me to dream…to sleep
a thousand tiny deaths.

~kat – 25 July 2016

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