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Our Mother

She cares for us always, in
all ways, She cradles
us in Her belly near
Her heart, She
nurtures us at Her
bountiful breasts
whispering sweet
nothings to us on
the breeze, She sings
lullabies, trilling
tweets and coos, She
loves us fully,
unconditionally, weeping
for us, with us, Her
tears, the balm that
heals our boo boos, anointing
us with dewy grace…She
Who is our Mother.


Roar – Magnetic Poetry Monday – 23 January 2017

Crowd Photo by Mike Hudema from Greenpeace – Washington DC – January 21, 2017


we are not useless as
smooth tongues like to whisper,
drunk on love, sweetly chanting
pink fluff and blather, for beneath
our gorgeous skin lies the heart of
a goddess whose blood boils from
watching repulsive, lying, shadows of
men crush the dreams of her young…

her name is woman…she is a
mother and she never sleeps

©kat ~ 23 January 2017

(Magnetic Poetry – Original Kit)

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