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dogs & cats – a day in the life

the dog…aka Maxwell
the cat – aka Merlin
a day in the life

the dog ...
-gotta pee, gotta pee, maybe a poop
-eat breakfast, yum yum yum
-must have a belly rub or two or three...don’t stop hooman, don’t stop!
-take a nap

the cat ...
-sit on hooman’s face to wake them up, or finish them off...
-on second thought, i need sustenance after the night i’ve had chasing bugs...
-let them live...for now
-eat breakfast
—watch birds outside from the window seat

the dog ...
-gotta pee, gotta pee, maybe a poop
-have a treat, yum yum yum
-chase the cat
-bark at the delivery truck
-lick hooman’s face
-take a nap

the cat ...
-spend a few hours sunning
-check in on the hooman who needs to be reminded to take a break now that they work from home and NEVER LEAVE
-walk in front of the work screen
-type a secret message
-shred paper on the desk
-hack up a fur ball on the keyboard
-toss the so-called mouse on the floor
-disappear until dinner

the dog ...
-gotta pee, gotta pee, maybe a poop
-lay on the kitchen floor under the hooman’s feet to supervise dinner making
-after one more pee and poop, eat a night night treat. yum yum yum
-snuggle up close with my hooman for a good sleep
i loves my hooman

the cat ...
-loudly remind hooman it’s dinner time
-sit on hooman’s head at tv time
-after lights out, guard the end of the bed from toe monsters under the covers
-wretch loudly several times during the night
-race up and down the hallway
-sing the song of the night
-watch hooman sleep
tomorrow hooman...tomorrow


Had some fun for today’s NaPoWriMo2021 – Day 9 Prompt: write a poem in the form of a “to-do list.” The fun of this prompt is to make it the “to-do list” of an unusual person or character. It’s not really a poem, but they say write what you know…


Pictured above, my rescue pup, Winston,

who agreed to pose for my story. He’s my

Love Bug.


Biff was my neighbor’s dog.

They were nice people, but every chance he got, he’d find a way to my front door.

“Come on Biff,” I’d say, scratching his ear, “time to go home.”

One day the neighbors showed up at my door. “We think he’s chosen you.”

Biff is my dog…


52 Words (exactly) Tale for Sonya’s 52 Weeks 52 Word Challenge. This week’s theme is “The Persistent Dog”.

Sunday’s Week in Re-Verse – 24 January 2016


Happy Sunday! Well now…what an interesting look back in verse and prose. This week’s re-verse truly captures my favorite thing to do! I love watching the world go by. I get lost in the beauty and the quirkiness, the drama and the joy. Not that I don’t also participate. I do. But I am truly fascinated by what makes this world tick. Everyday offers opportunities for a front-seat view and there are always lessons to be learned.

This week I studied the odd behavior of my pets playing fetch and chasing their tails, but I also stumbled upon the realization that my dogs are also observing me in a very unique way. Apparently we see the world in this way too…a bit of a left gaze bias…which affirms my own trust in the reality of intuition while also reminding me of my animal nature and the ancient mysterious connection I have to all living things.

Where I live we had our first snow of the season (a real doozy by all accounts!), coinciding with the Full Wolf Moon. Mukluks and parkas are the new black. There is something to be said for comfort and warmth. And there is also something to be said for the many modern conveniences and innovations that we take for granted in the 21st century. We’ve come a long way, while remaining intrinsically connected with the universe at our core.

And so it was a week spent in observation, anticipation, nostalgic recollections, revelations and exhilaration in the realization that where I am in the here and now is right where I am meant to be! Life is good!

On then to this last full week of January 2016. I do hope your week presents you with an abundance of spectacular “-tions” (-tion – a suffix occurring in words of Latin origin, used to form abstract nouns from verbs or stems not identical with verbs, whether as expressing action ( revolution; commendation), or a state ( contrition; starvation), or associated meanings ( relation; temptation) from dictionary.com.

Though I started this bit extolling the virtues of passive observation, life is best lived when we move from the abstract into an active state of of participation. That is living!

Sunday’s Week in Re-Verse – 24 January 2016

Dogs fetch…
…guilty pleasure
Watching paint dry…
brimming with stardust
hard-wired to perceive…
mukluks and parkas
sashaying about en vogue
all the rage on store shelves
Silly me…I watch!
Well I guess we’ll never find out unless we try.
But I have noticed this strange light…
Our days are numbered
Time will pass though I won’t care
I am quite happy in my little corner of the world
as I sit here grinste wie ein Honigkuchenpferd
…water cooler powwows
With teeth made of wood


If you’re new to this blog, a bit of background to explain the verse above. It is a line from each poem or prose from the previous week. Lifted and placed in the order written. A snapshot review of the week. It helps me to prepare for the upcoming week with a clean slate.

Amusement – Six Word Stories

Here are a few takes on Sometimes Stellar Storyteller’s weekly Six Word Story Challenge.  The prompt this week is “Amusement”. Read others stories or enter your own by clicking HERE.

Dogs fetch to humor their masters.

Romance novels were her guilty pleasure.

Watching paint dry was more fun.

kat ~ 17 January 2016

Purple Haze

Recently, I made the mistake of leaving an open bottle of wine on the table. Soft-hearted sap that I am, I decided not to pen the dogs while I did some last minute Christmas shopping for snow ski’s for my grandson.

As you might imagine I came home to a royal mess, no doubt masterminded by the cat. Fluffy, that’s his name, don’t judge, managed to tip the wine bottle over the edge of the table sending a flow of purple drink into the waiting chops of my pups. (By pups, I am talking about 150 pounds plus of rowdy mastiff energy EACH…but I digress.)

Maxwell and Winston got slightly whizzed and started feverishly spinning the bottle like a toy. The wine that was still in the bottle left lovely impressionistic smatterings on the walls of my parlor as well as giving our Sun Conure, Mr. Bean a lavender makeover.

Of course these clueless blokes had no idea that they had just been duped by the cat, who sat smugly aloft on the mantle watching the whole scene as I entered the house.

I was greeted by Maxwell and Winston’s usual slobbery kisses and machete-like tails bashing my thighs…and the indignant bobbing and squawking of Mr. Bean. I had to smile. It WAS my fault after all.

Back to the store for more wine…for me this time. Dogs penned, everything in its place. I may decide to keep the artwork in my parlor. It’s growing on me. I think I’ll call it “Purple Haze!”

kat ~ 1 January 2016
(260 Words/Flash Fiction/Genre: Humor)

And…if you believe that this little flash of a story is true…then I have done my job! 🙂 Thank you Ronovan for kicking off the New Year with a wonderful challenge. I managed to use ALL of your prompt words. And I do hope the result has been a fun read for everyone. If you would like to read other stories or enter your own using the prompt words: dog, cat, toy, fever, ski, fluffy, machete, and purple drink, click HERE. Have a great Friday!

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