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Discontent -A Six Word Story

A six word story for A sometimes stellar Storyteller’s challenge prompt “Discontent”.

It wasn’t enough…is it ever?

kat ~ 30 June 2016

Tease – A Six Word Story

This week’s Six Word Story Challenge is “Tease”. I’m afraid I just couldn’t resist! 😉 

“I made something special for dessert!”


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Sorry – A Six Word Story

A six word story for Sometimes Stellar Storyteller’s Challenge, prompt word: Insult

“I’m really sorry.”
“Yes you are.”

kat ~ 13 June 2016

Naughty – A Six Word Story

A Six Word Story for A Sometimes Stellar Storyteller. The prompt is “Naughty”.


I’ll probably regret this…oh well!

kat ~ 5 June 2016

A One Word Story

So…I hopped on over to SometimeStellarStoryteller’s blog to catch this week’s Six Word Story prompt…”impulsive”. I thought about it for a minute and I could only come up with a one word story…. 

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kat ~ 9 April 2016 🙂

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