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Easily Vexed

petulant karma,
unforgiving, easily vexed
la femme bête noire


For Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge, prompt words: excite (vex) & karma.

Life Force

Graying skies, illuminated,
saltless tears collecting, swelling
droplets bursting, earth is sated;
pools of vibrant life force welling.

Breezes sweet and warm with dew
tease the buds to bloom compelling
Winter’s surrender; Spring’s debut;
pools of vibrant life force welling.

Sweetness rains upon the gravid loam
fertile ooze with seedlings melding;
wake up the sleeping world, our home
pools of vibrant life force welling.

~kat – 20 February 2017
(A Kyrielle)

Troubled – A Rondeau

Oh, let not your hearts be troubled my dears
when storm clouds loom, there is nothing to fear.
Remember that they are temporary,
brief forces of nature just rattling trees.
       The sky will soon become bright blue and clear.

For tempests are blowhards, or so I hear,
bag-o-wind braggarts who blast in our ears,
minor annoyances, blustering bullies,
easily flustered, weak and unruly
       Oh, let not your hearts be troubled

Here’s a suggestion when chaos comes near:
Fire up the hearth, or chill out, grab a beer,
slip on your galoshes, go on a spree.
Stomp every puddle with child-like glee.
Radiate love when a whirlwind appears.
       Oh, let not your hearts be troubled

~kat – 11 February 2017
(A Rondeau)

Love and Light -a Haiku

“I love this and that.”
We often declare lightly.
Love is everything.

kat ~ 9 February 2017

For Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge, prompt words Love and Light.

Tree Nymph



Photo Credit: Kat Myrman 2016

I am obsessed with this tree! This is an image from a different vantage point. It actually looks like there are two branch antlers on her head. She just may be a tree nymph, which explains my obsession. I pass by her every day on my drive home and I can’t look away!

From the Theoi Greek Mythology Website:

THE NYMPHAI (or Nymphs) were female spirits of the natural world, minor goddesses of the forests, rivers, springs, meadows, mountains and seas. They were responsible for the crafting of nature’s wild beauty, from the arrangement and growth of the plants, flowers and trees, to the nurture of wild birds and animals, and the formation of rocky caverns, springs, wetlands and brooks.

Nymphs were also companions of the gods. Dionysos had his wild-eyed Mainades and Bakkhai, Artemis was accompanied by a band of huntress nymphs, Hekate by the dark Lampades nymphs of the underworld. Poseidon‘s court was attended by Nereides and sea nymphs, and the Olympian court by nymph handmaidens.

Other nymphs were nurses of the gods, including the Idaian nymphs that nursed the god Zeus, and the Nysian nymphs who cared for Dionysos.

Tree Nymph

Oaken Nymph
fair blushing Dryad
clinging there
dance with us on frostbit earth
sing to us of spring!

kat ~ 13 February 2016

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