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Cold Spring – Magnetic Poetry Monday 

dawn rustles beneath
a blanket of cold,
blooms lightly frosted,
spring is doing
things her way


Magnetic Poetry – Nature Kit

Sweetness – Magnetic Poetry Saturday

between the dark of
night and the light
of day dawn
gently rustles
earth in

-kat – 15 April 2017
(Magnetic Poetry – Nature Kit)

Rainy Dawn – Magnetic Poetry Monday – 16 January 2017

why do we murmur
when dawn comes
cold and dark beneath
clouds thick with rain?
behold how beautifully
the wet earth shines
gently greening

~ kat – 16 January 2017

(Magnetic Poetry – Nature Kit)

Winter Song

Winter Song

beautiful cold blanket
earth beneath resting
gently frosted as
breeze murmurrings
sweeten the air
with deep peace

softly comes
the dawn

kat ~ 7 January 2017
(Magnetic Poetry Nature Kit)

For Elusive Trope’s Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge.

Rain ~ Magnetic Poetry Monday – 2 January 2017

beautiful rain at dawn
gently falling over me
lovely, sweet and wet,
breathing life into
my wintering soul

kat ~ 2 January 2017
(Magnetic Poetry Nature Kit)

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