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Oviellejo #19 -a tangled web

a tangled web

a crazed arachnid haunts my porch
amidst the scorch

of sweltering late summer days
shrouded in haze

the remnant of a tepid rain
nothing remains

but eerie signs of the deranged
exposed too long to heat and blight
who crave the lunacy of night
amidst the scorch, shrouded in haze, nothing remains


The Oviellejo is an Old Spanish verse form (derived from ovillo, a ball of yarn). A stanza consists of 10 lines, with a rhyme scheme of AABBCCCDDC. The second line of each rhyme scheme, Line 2,4,6, is short line of up to 5 syllables. The last line is a “redondilla,” a “little round” that collects all three of the short lines.

The Webs

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

The Webs

They were so beautiful. The weblike pods appeared overnight in city centers, farm fields and small villages. News of their presence swept the globe as the sun rose over the horizons of each time zone. The greatest minds of science were called to investigate, and areas cordoned off so as not to disturb them.

One such expert carefully snipped a small piece to take back to the lab. The netting fluttered softly as he turned away. The horrified look on the faces of onlookers made him crouch as if to protect himself as a spider-like creature swooped in devouring him.


100 words for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers Photo Prompt Challenge based on this photo by ©Roger Bultot.


your lattice is fading
it longs for your touch…do you care?

(A Cinquain)

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