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October 13-31 Poem #2

Old Spider

weaving threads of silken lace she lies in wait and waits



your lattice is fading
it longs for your touch…do you care?

(A Cinquain)

Chelicerata Civility

For TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge, prompt word, “Wing”.

A coy hostess waits
in the wings, charming her guests
’til dinner is served.

~kat – 25 June 2016

Trrremmbllling Tuffets!

For TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Prompt Word: Footstool. For my haiku, I’m using a synonym…Tuffet. It is a footstool made of cloth.


Was it Miss Muffet
who fancied tufted tuffets?
Or was it Spider!

kat ~ 23 May 2016

Staring Contest

Photo from pixabay.com

I once caught the eye
Of a spider passing by
’twas me who blinked first.

kat ~ 22 February 2016

For Haiku Horizon’s Weekly challenge. The prompt is: Spider.
I am terrified yet fascinated by these amazing creatures! Read other haiku ir enter your own HERE.

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