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War Paint

Digital composite of three overly made up faces…by Kat Myrman ūüėä

smokey eyes, smudged,
rouged red, lipstick-stained teeth,
tasteless, beastly camouflage


A Cinquain for Colleen’s Chesebro’s Poetry Tuesday Challenge, prompt words: Eerie and Costume (Camouflage).


your lattice is fading
it longs for your touch…do you care?

(A Cinquain)

Bonkers – NaPoWriMo #10

in retrograde
pale full moon lunacy
seaside tides; gray matter swelling

~kat – 10 April 2017

(NoPoWriMo #10 – Cinquain – syllable rule: five line poem on any theme with syllables following a 2-4-6-8-2 pattern.)

Cute Kittens in La-La Land – a Cinquain


from GIFHY.com

Cute Kittens in La-La Land

hide things deplorable
denying reality

~kat – 7 February 2017
(A Cinquain РThe animated GIF is from GIFHY.com)

I debated that last line. I had chosen to end the cinquain with an alternative¬†line, “fat cats” but I believe words are important. When certain words are¬†used to denigrate and subjugate, we need to reclaim them. It gives those ugly words new life and power, rendering those victimized by such terms, victims no more. So…I’m hovering my cursor over the “Publish” button…and…I’m clicking it…published! Words matter.

Never Forget – A Trio of Cinquains

Le Somnambule

Le Somnambule by Marc Chagall

A storm
called Katrina
swallowed The Big Easy
abandoned, desperation in

death infested,
crested, licking the walls
relentless, inescapable

young and not so
took to the muck alone
it was every soul for themselves

kat  ~ 13 July 2016

A Cinquain written for Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge based on the painting Le Somnambule (Sleep Walker) by Marc Chagall. When I saw this painting I immediately thought about¬†Hurricane Katrina. This painting represents to me the desperation of the people caught in the storm’s swell and the tragedy of having to leave their beloved pets behind…and the tragedy of our government at the time looking away while the world watched in horror. It was the cat really, who took me there…looking away from the window as if she knew. I used a string of three Cinquains to tell the story. Some things are etched in our memories…for a reason. That we never forget…that we remember so we may avoid¬†repeating the sins of our past. Peace all!

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