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a tanka

an activist judge
decreed covid’s end
no need to wear masks
eat, drink, live your life, be free
while the plague mutates, raging


Na/GloPoWriMo 2022 – Day 26 Prompt: write a poem that contains at least one of a different kind of simile – an epic simile. Also known as Homeric similes, these are basically extended similes that develop over multiple lines.

Off topic…a tanka for today…just a commentary on the lunacy of our times. Science? Reason? Reality? I’m in no hurry to join the lemmings.

Familial Lunacy

‘We know their dream; enough To know they dreamed and are dead; ‘ —W.B. Yeats ‘

Familial Lunacy

their memories are like ashes
batty-brained ancestors, insane,
with progeny, who bear the stain
unwittingly, their singed remains
poison surging through red hot veins
manic peaks plunging in crashes

they can’t hide their damaged breeding
twisted helixes flexed in rage
bleeding ink blots on each page
pills and therapy can’t assuage
what is passed down from age to age
maddening, this inner seething

it is a wretched legacy
leering from mirrored reflections
souls trapped in predisposition
despite every well-intentioned
surrender to intervention
crazy is, as it does…crazy


Today’s quote is from ‘Easter, 1916’ for Jane Dougherty’s ‘A Month With Yeats’ – Day Twenty-Four. The painting above is entitled ‘All Is Vanity” by C. Allan Gilbert. (1892)

Bonkers – NaPoWriMo #10

in retrograde
pale full moon lunacy
seaside tides; gray matter swelling

~kat – 10 April 2017

(NoPoWriMo #10 – Cinquain – syllable rule: five line poem on any theme with syllables following a 2-4-6-8-2 pattern.)

Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 3 April 2016

Hello and happy Sunday! Today’s ReVerse contains the usual twists and turns. I live for moments like this! Those odd interjections of lunacy make life interesting! Monotone musings make me…SLEEPY! Haha! Were you waiting for an “M” word to finish out that last thought? Nope! See what I mean? Twists and turns, surprises and switcheroos keep it interesting.

So…you may try to make sense of this week’s ReVerse…or you may dive right in and just enjoy the ride. It is after all, an honest reflection of the dips and curveballs of this past week…for me at least. (I hope your past week was equally thrilling, or whatever it is you consider great..and if not, hugs and blessings to you.)

This cartoon exclaimed, “the sky is falling!”…and mind you, it may very well be true…but I am content to pause, at least for this moment, and sip my cuppa brew.

P.S. there is this one thing…No more mass killings Planet!!!!! It’s getting a bit old and it’s not very kind. We need more kindness…praying for peace…


Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 3 April 2016

My soul is like a garden.
A predator waits
Prayers for Lahore, Pakistan
Snatched my cup of brew
Pawns emboldened do their bidding
No truer friend, she
Two hearts a-flutter
I think you better come with me.
To the highest bidder… | where truth doesn’t matter…
I still hear your whispers
the brush of your lips | sweetness blossoming
like well-placed Scrabble tiles
On the brink
a day for ninnyhammer’s
Spring has made you quite insane
Meet and Greet!
at least I can save myself.
She put a cherry on top!
I need to unplug!


Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 27 March 2016


Happy Sunday! And to those of you who celebrate, Happy Easter! I recall the feeling that the past week never seemed to end! There are week’s like that. I kept having to check the calendar to convince myself that it wasn’t Friday yet! What’s with that?

For starters we had a full moon this week. It was especially brilliant in my neck of the woods and I don’t usually fall victim to lunacy. Haha! Perhaps I did feel a bit too giddy from this month’s full worm moon touch!

In the midst of that, of course, we all paused to remember the victims in Brussels…and for me the senseless victims of violence in other places that don’t make international headlines. For my own conscience, it is important to me that I pause to remember that people, with dreams and families and hopes, met their untimely death in these tragedies…not just body counts…cold detached numbers. People.

So to say that last week was chaotic, off kilter, grievous, loony, and discombobulated would be quite accurate in its wake. This week’s ReVerse captures that description quite nicely.

Have a lovely uneventful next week, unless if course you are planning something eventful! In that case I hope it is spectacular and that you pull it off without a hitch! All this to say simply, best wishes! See you next week then! 😊

Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 27 March 2016

How easily hope slips away!
From her twinkling eyes.
before the wedding
After a deluge
…if they forget
I watched helplessly
your shadow danced with the light
The blind perceive things
I know you didn’t invite me over here for giggles!
She had a thing for shoes.

Prayers for Brussels

Now THAT is weird!
When she looked in the mirror, her eyebrows were gone!
And the blokes wear tights!
suspended on penumbral cusp
Stopping in my own happy place.
Some haughty snobs schmooze
Just beyond the veil of darkness.


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