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Cottony Sweet – NaPoWriMo 2017 #27 

Photo from Pixabay

a magical confection
sugar spun to perfection

wispy pastel clouds of sweet fluff
kids can’t get enough of this stuff

and who can blame them, I would agree
nothing tastes quite like cotton candy

that sticky first pinch you stuff in your mouth
tingles your tongue as it swiftly dissolves

then syrupy crystals transform into bits
of sweet crunchy morsels…how crazy is this?

oh, nothing can compare to this magical treat
cottony fluff on a rolled paper stick, sticky sweet!


NaPoWriMo 2017 #27 – a Con-verse (Rhyme scheme: aa,bb,cc,dd,ee/Meter: 7,7,8,8,9,9,10,10,11,11…) for the challenge to write a poem that explores the sense of taste.

Secret Place – NaPoWriMo 2017 #25


i remember sunbeams streaming
through a hedgerow of cedar pine
my special hiding place to pass the time

lying on the cool earth dreaming
i’d converse with toads and faeries
fill jelly jars with fireflies

here I learned the world is teeming
with mysteries to be explored
a step outside an old screen door

a time of sweet imagining
just a girl with big ideas
oh, what a lovely time it was

those carefree days spent daydreaming
behind the cedars on the ground
where I could hide and not be found

For NaPoWriMo 2017 #25 – A Constanza Poem about my favorite small space when I was a girl of about 4 or 5. It was a corner cedar shrub garden in my Grandmother’s yard with just enough space for me to squeeze behind. Once underneath it was like a little cave of cool damp earth, green and sunbeams. It was my favorite place. Even after all these many years, if ever I join you on a nature walk, you might still find me having wandered off the beaten path, lounging in the hollow of a grove of low trees or shrubs. I never forgot my first taste of nature. It has defined who I am and how I view the world.

Marginalia Mania – NaPoWriMo 2017 #24

Whatever in the world were they thinking?
These maniacal manuscript scribes of old,
Whatever in the world were they thinking?

Fantastical tales their scribblings told;
creatures and beasties, some seeking revenge,
These maniacal manuscript scribes of old,

Nature revolting against maids and men,
Snails, flying monkeys, dogs, lions, cats
Creatures and beasties, some seeking revenge

Stranger than strange and that is a fact
Obviously it was someone’s worst nightmare,
Snails, flying monkeys, dogs, lions, cats

Elephants, bears and violent hares
It’s all quite odd, I’m sure you’d agree…
Obviously, it was someone’s worst nightmare

If there is a message, what could it be?
Whatever in the world were they thinking?
It’s all quite odd, I’m sure you’d agree…
Whatever in the world were they thinking?

{NaPoWriMo 2017 #24: to wrote a poem about Marginalia…very bizarre illustrations of medieval manuscripts. I chose a Terzanelle to explore this prompt. See other illustrations by googling “marginalia” and clicking on images.}

Cats ‘n Dogs

solitary nocturnals
lazing in sunbeams
granting admiration from afar


affectionate companions
lap top snugglers
always underfoot, unquestionably loyal

(NaPoWriMo 2017 #23 – a Double Elevenie exploring opposites)

Our Mother, Nature

Spring cleaning today, so this poem will serve two purposes…Magnetic Poetry Saturday and NaPoWriMo 2017 #22…a poem in honor of Earth Day. 

she murmurs gently from
beneath the ancient rocks,
thick with moss, that
they who hear her
sweet song will follow
the wind and know eden
wandering no more

(Magnetic Poetry – Nature Kit)

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