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Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 27 March 2016


Happy Sunday! And to those of you who celebrate, Happy Easter! I recall the feeling that the past week never seemed to end! There are week’s like that. I kept having to check the calendar to convince myself that it wasn’t Friday yet! What’s with that?

For starters we had a full moon this week. It was especially brilliant in my neck of the woods and I don’t usually fall victim to lunacy. Haha! Perhaps I did feel a bit too giddy from this month’s full worm moon touch!

In the midst of that, of course, we all paused to remember the victims in Brussels…and for me the senseless victims of violence in other places that don’t make international headlines. For my own conscience, it is important to me that I pause to remember that people, with dreams and families and hopes, met their untimely death in these tragedies…not just body counts…cold detached numbers. People.

So to say that last week was chaotic, off kilter, grievous, loony, and discombobulated would be quite accurate in its wake. This week’s ReVerse captures that description quite nicely.

Have a lovely uneventful next week, unless if course you are planning something eventful! In that case I hope it is spectacular and that you pull it off without a hitch! All this to say simply, best wishes! See you next week then! 😊

Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 27 March 2016

How easily hope slips away!
From her twinkling eyes.
before the wedding
After a deluge
…if they forget
I watched helplessly
your shadow danced with the light
The blind perceive things
I know you didn’t invite me over here for giggles!
She had a thing for shoes.

Prayers for Brussels

Now THAT is weird!
When she looked in the mirror, her eyebrows were gone!
And the blokes wear tights!
suspended on penumbral cusp
Stopping in my own happy place.
Some haughty snobs schmooze
Just beyond the veil of darkness.


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