Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 3 April 2016

Hello and happy Sunday! Today’s ReVerse contains the usual twists and turns. I live for moments like this! Those odd interjections of lunacy make life interesting! Monotone musings make me…SLEEPY! Haha! Were you waiting for an “M” word to finish out that last thought? Nope! See what I mean? Twists and turns, surprises and switcheroos keep it interesting.

So…you may try to make sense of this week’s ReVerse…or you may dive right in and just enjoy the ride. It is after all, an honest reflection of the dips and curveballs of this past week…for me at least. (I hope your past week was equally thrilling, or whatever it is you consider great..and if not, hugs and blessings to you.)

This cartoon exclaimed, “the sky is falling!”…and mind you, it may very well be true…but I am content to pause, at least for this moment, and sip my cuppa brew.

P.S. there is this one thing…No more mass killings Planet!!!!! It’s getting a bit old and it’s not very kind. We need more kindness…praying for peace…


Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 3 April 2016

My soul is like a garden.
A predator waits
Prayers for Lahore, Pakistan
Snatched my cup of brew
Pawns emboldened do their bidding
No truer friend, she
Two hearts a-flutter
I think you better come with me.
To the highest bidder… | where truth doesn’t matter…
I still hear your whispers
the brush of your lips | sweetness blossoming
like well-placed Scrabble tiles
On the brink
a day for ninnyhammer’s
Spring has made you quite insane
Meet and Greet!
at least I can save myself.
She put a cherry on top!
I need to unplug!


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