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Autumn Leaves

pressed impressions of
folioles  and rose petals
between leather-bound
leaves of pulpy cellulose,
harvested fronds from the fall

fading memories
once fragrant, verdant, now parched
crumbling  to dust


A Tanka/Senryu combination poem for Colleen’s Poetry Tuesday Challenge, this week’s prompt words and their synonyms are: Autumn: fall; harvest, and Leaves: fronds; folioles.

Magnetic Poetry Monday

season of deep
color, forest paths
lightly covered
it is dark dusky
quiet…wander with me
my love, through
the rustling leaves


Magnetic Poetry – Nature Kit

Magnetic Poetry Monday

how must it feel
to dying leaves after
falling from above, never
more to rustle, warmed
by soft sunny breezes
who see only the brown
lonely boughs of a tree
they loved, longing for
beautiful green cover…
but for some wild
night of wind, they are
left to wither alone


magnetic poetry (nature kit)

Season of Letting Go

Each year, this particular tree clings tightly to a leaf that mystically takes on the shape of a bird. Of course having a vivid imagination helps, but before you dismiss me as completely looney, I’d like to point out that this year there are at least two leaf-birds. Can you see them?

I watch them as Winter comes, waiting for the inevitable … the day when the leaf can no longer hang on, only to be swept away on the wind for her first and final flight in complete surrender.

And each year I am reminded, in this season of letting go, to consider the things, people and thoughts that I may be clinging too tightly to, that no longer bring life and light into my life. Like my friend the tree, I am good at creating the illusion, even if only in my own mind, that I need these things in my life. But ultimately I know I must consider letting it all go. Just like the bird-shaped leaves on my tree, the fading, muted, useless “stuff” of my life is just a reflection of what could be if I make room for it by letting go.

Thanks for the reminder old friend, you and your shape-shifting bird-leaves! I’ll let go when you do. ❤️

though bitter winds howl
she clings to mem’ries of spring,
summer on the wing,
muted specters wintering,
shape-shifting leaves rememb’ring…

kat ~ 23 November 2016
(Tanka – 5/7/5/7/7)

Leaving Home



There is strength to leave
to pursue one’s wildest dreams
when home’s your anchor.

kat ~ 28 September 2016

This Haiku in response to Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge, prompt words: Home/Leaves.

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