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To Be – A Haiku

to be, just, to be
liberated souls gather
where the hearth glows warm


For Ronovan Writes Haiku Poetry Challenge, Prompt Words: Home (hearth) & Free (liberated).

Magnetic Poetry Monday – 13 February 2017

God is not there to listen
for growling fools to come
asking for magic things…
more this and that.
She is a lover of peace
calling her children home.

kat – 13 February 2017

(Magnetic Poetry – Poet Kit)

Leaving Home



There is strength to leave
to pursue one’s wildest dreams
when home’s your anchor.

kat ~ 28 September 2016

This Haiku in response to Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge, prompt words: Home/Leaves.

Thursday’s Echoes of my Neighborhood

It’s been a busy work week that started with what people on the East coast of the US called a snowpocalypse! So I’ll start with a photo log of my little car getting buried…

First hour…the morning begins… An hour later…And another ……and…24 hours later

But all in all, so beautiful! snow covered cedars and big shiny icicles!


And finally got dug out!
So to start a very busy work week! Off to work when it is dark, then back home equally dark. But the lights are so pretty! And the sights intriguing. I am grateful to be mobile and able to travel to work and back each day. Here are a few sights from my trip home each night…

All tucked in for another night! I hope you’ve had a lovely week!

~ kat – 28 January 2016

Thanks to my friend Jacqueline at a cooking pot and twisted tales for this fun little challenge. See her neighborhood sights and share a snippet from where you live HERE!

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