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they crave attention
vowing no obligation
to covenants, revealing
loyalty in collusion
with the one who swears for sport

power corrupted
democracy is dying
while everyone sleeps


A Tanka/Senryu for Colleen Chesebro’s Tuesday Poetry Challenge inspired by synonyms of the words: Bond-obligation, swear, vow, covenant, collusion, loyalty and Seek-plead, crave.

The Tower​


The Tower

crisis, turmoil
whining, wailing, trifling
potboiler’s reckoning venture


A Cinquain for Colleen Chesebro’s Tuesday Poetry Challenge using synonyms of the prompt words: Play (gambol, drama, potboiler, trifle, cavort) and Guess (reckon, venture).

there was magic

haunting vesper knells
shadow play, wicks flickering
there was magic once


A Senryu for Colleen Chesebro’s Tuesday Poetry Challenge, prompt words: Bells (Vesper; Knells) and Past (Once).

Autumn Leaves

pressed impressions of
folioles  and rose petals
between leather-bound
leaves of pulpy cellulose,
harvested fronds from the fall

fading memories
once fragrant, verdant, now parched
crumbling  to dust


A Tanka/Senryu combination poem for Colleen’s Poetry Tuesday Challenge, this week’s prompt words and their synonyms are: Autumn: fall; harvest, and Leaves: fronds; folioles.

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