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Magnetic Poetry Monday – 13 February 2017

God is not there to listen
for growling fools to come
asking for magic things…
more this and that.
She is a lover of peace
calling her children home.

kat – 13 February 2017

(Magnetic Poetry – Poet Kit)


Photo by Zara Walker

For a brief moment, as she had done for thousands of years, god revealed herself to humanity, placing another star in the moonless night sky.

She is not at all what one might expect; a child bundled in an overcoat wearing golashes, but it is the expression on her face, her all-knowing eyes and her warm understanding smile that convinces some people to believe.

God knows we are a stubborn lot, as evidenced by the twinkling, diamond-bedazzled firmament, but she continues to show us how loved we are by leaving a trail of stardust to guide us home.

kat – 29 December 2016

For Sonya’s Three Line Tale Challenge, inspired by the photo above by Zara Walker.

a treasure trove for seekers


she is the wind, tossing
whispers of hair, bending
green canopies, rousing
wild tempests

her voice is a purr,
it is unabashed laughter,
birdsong and brook
bubbles, dissonant bliss

droplets of ocean and
stardust on moonbeams,
a fragrant, delectable
feast for the senses

bloodborne, arterial,
dew infused breath,
flesh covered sinew
imprinted in dust

found in each moment
palpable, fleeting,
a sparkling implosion
for those paying attention.

kat ~ august 2015

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