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Hello my WP Friends. We have moved. Settling in trying to make sense of the new space. The Muse is quiet right now. There are a few more touches needed before it feels like home and I am accustomed to the new routine. The fur kids are settling in. Even Mama cat, Matilda and her mini dark sidekick, Schrodinger seem to like the new place. I’ve gotten a few slow blinks from Matilda (which in cat language I’ve read is a very good thing) though she is not amenable to my touch just yet…patience…patience. If you followed their story here you know ’twas patience that ultimately allowed me to rescue them from the streets.

Mr. Bean, our sun Conure loves his window perch. The other cats are everywhere, exploring and rattling the house playing into the night. And Maxwell, Winston and Gabby are loving their new back yard. There is plenty of room for them to run and play (if only it wouldn’t rain as much as it has these past few weeks!) the biggest change for them is the quiet. I’m not sure they know what to make of it. There are a few dogs living in the distance sending welcoming messages from afar. Of course my silly pups are happy to join in the song of their people.

I am enjoying my ride into work each day, surrounded by Blue Ridge Mountain vistas. As I sit outside under the stars…oh how I’ve missed them in the fluorescent din of the city, I am beginning to feel more and more grounded. It is lovely here on my hill in the woods. I think I’m going to like it here. Good thing, right! 😉

There is an owl calling right now. I wonder what he thinks of my noisy brood? For now, it is just me and him, under the waning moon and sparkling night sky. Happy holidays to to and yours. I hope to be back soon, twittering tales and writing the words that I’m sure are soon to fill my head to overflowing because, well because, that’s what writers do.

Love to all! See you soon!


Here are a few photos of the place. It’s coming along! 😊

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