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blue – a haiku


blue-sky canapy
oppressive humidity
raindrops suspended


For Haiku Horizons Challenge, prompt word: Blue.

Purple Tide

Purple Tide (A Splash of Red With a Hint of Blue)

crimson is my name | in shades of ethereal blue
but you can call me red | find me lost in heady tomes
fiery passion is my game | reflecting on absolute truths
i charge full force ahead | i call the universe my home
though some may think me | curious…it is key
impetuous and moody | the thing that gives life meaning
i plot my course instinctually | analyzing what i see
you’ll never find me brooding | digging deeper, dreaming
i trust my heart | life’s a journey after all
rush toward the flame | embrace it like a fool
crimson is my name | in shades of ethereal blue


A Cleave Poem (to be read in 3 parts: 1st column/2nd column/straight across) seemed apropos given my affinity for two of the “tides” described in this week’s prompt for MindLoveMiserysMenagerie Sunday Writing Prompt. I gravitated toward the colors red and blue…making me purple, of course. Read about the other colors HERE. Red and blue is described below.

Blue represents wisdom, insight, and enlightenment. It is the tide most often associated with philosophers and mystics but it can also represent the madmanmadwoman. This tide basically applies to anyone who seeks truth and to expand the mind and spirit. If you feel that the meaning of life is growthevolution/enlightenment you might be blue! Some possible adjectives: wise, insightful, curious, open-minded, cerebral, bookish, logical, analytical, reflective, deep.

Red represents passion, emotion, and pathos and is often associated with artists of various types, revolutionaries, and zealots. People with a red tide strive to live life to the fullest and to follow their heart wherever it may lead, for better or worse. Some possible adjectives: erratic, feisty, petulant, creative, impetuous, moody, passionate, instinctive, exciting.



Photo by TJ Paris

blue sky speckled black
conspirators cackling
ravens on the wing


For TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge based on this photo by his photo and the prompt Words: Melody (Cackle) and Blue.


picture a day
cool and blue,
a delicious breeze
like breathy kisses
on your naked skin,
your heart slowly
throbbing, healing…

let this thought haunt
you when life is out
of rhythm and
times are broken.

it is always a good
thing to linger here
embracing peace.

kat ~ 13 March 2017
(Magnetic Poetry – Poet Kit)

Blue Horses


Franz Marc – Blue Horses – Oil on Canvas – 1911

Equine sinew brushed blue
midst dawn’s flushed



A trio of fury
muted blue


~kat – 6 August 2016
A few attempts of a new form, the Tilus [tee-loo-hz], for Jane Dougherty’s poetry challenge inspired by Franz Marc’s 1911 painting: “Blue Horses” or Die grossen blauen Pferde (The Large Blue Horses).

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