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Load – a Haiku

burdens we carry
for sake of obligation
forsake what matters


For Haiku Horizons Challenge, Prompt Word, Load (Burden, Obligation).

Persuaded – A Haiku


Photo by manfredrichter at Pixabay.com

i am persuaded
that no thing is important
it’s true, things perish


For Haiku Horizon’s Poetry Prompt: Bring (Persuade).

Sun – A Haiku

gaseous yellow dwarf
we count the hours, days by you
Helios, Sol, Ra


For Haiku Horizons Challenge, prompt word, ‘sun’.

Tune – A Haiku

a familiar tune
songbirds at dawn, mourning doves
sweet melancholy


For Haiku Horizons, Prompt Word: Tune.

Nectar Orbs

buttonbushes bloom
prickly, pale petal pins
hummingbirds to nip


For Haiku Horizons Prompt: Pin

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