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Blink – A Haiku

it’s just a quick blink
life in its magnificence
played out in moments


For Haiku Horizons’ Challenge, Prompt Word: Blink.

Elephant in the Corner – A Haiku


when an elephant
is lurking in the corner…
should be obvious


For Haiku Horizons, Prompt Word: Corner.

Crown of Petals ~ A Haiku

dressed is she in thorns
a crown of crimson petals
encircles her head


For Haiku Horizons, Prompt Word: Crown.


the weakest of links
may not be the weakest link
breaking free takes strength


For Haiku Horizons, Prompt Word, Link.

Throw – A Haiku



shock, awe, fire, fury
vain swagger, mission fails
but what of peace…love


For Haiku Horizons Challenge, Prompt Word: Throw (shock, awe)

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