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Throw – A Haiku



shock, awe, fire, fury
vain swagger, mission fails
but what of peace…love


For Haiku Horizons Challenge, Prompt Word: Throw (shock, awe)

Meet – A Haiku

For Haiku Horizon’s Poetry Challenge inspired by the word, “meet”.

because cruel fate
did thrust love’s blade off its mark
never did we meet


Palatial Field

queen anne tended by
fair-haired ladies in waiting,
bright, black-eyed susans


Haiku Horizons Prompt Word: Eye

All’s Not Well

threading the needle
ideologies clashing
it seldom ends well


Haiku Horizons, Prompt Word, ‘thread’.


amber tinged gloaming
sun swallowed by darkness
crazed cicadas wail


A Haiku for Haiku Horizons Challenge using a synonym, tinge, for the prompt word, cast.

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