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Cinqku #23 – A Trio in Honor of August


son of
the stars and
dawn, Notus* drives
the swelling south winds of

bare summer’s
bones, the reaper’s
sickle, sparing none this

letting go
drawing inward,
many blessings to be

*NOTOS (Notus) was the god of the south wind, one of the four directional Anemoi (WindGods). He was the wet, storm-bringing wind of late summer and early autumn. Notos dwelt in Aithiopia (Ethiopia), the southernmost realm in the geographies of myth.

A cinqku must always have 5 lines and a perfect seventeen-syllable count. The lines typically follow a 2,3,4,6,2 format. There is no title requirement on the second line. As for syntax and diction styles, it follows the free Tanka style originally. There are no metric requirements for a cinqku poem. Additionally, the final line must contain a cinquain or kireji turn for emphasis. 


The Rose

rendezvous en rouge
the agony and the sweet
thorns amidst the blooms


This week, a haiku for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge  

using synonyms only of the words: congregation (rendezvous) and  passion (agony)

Magnetic Poetry Monday

cold-snapped earth at dawn
air, flowery fresh, sun bright
come walk with me along
the wild path where roses bloom


Magnetic Poetry Nature Kit

Magnetic Poetry Monday

how bitter the blow
having trudged day after
long day beneath the
shadow of death only
to be crushed by hate
for having placed
their trust in a dream


Magnetic Poetry Online – Original Kit

Shi Sai Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 9 April 2017

Happy Sunday! It’s been a busy week! Stuff happening at work, at home and in the world. Life. The good, the bad, the happy, the sad. I lose myself in the fray when I forget that no matter what is happening around me there are things that remain constant, no matter what.

I am a survivor. It helps to remember every dead end and insurmountable obstacle that has challenged me in the past. I’m here today because I survived. Life went on and I am living proof of that.

I am brave. Life is not for the faint of heart. Rather than put things into less overwhelming, more manageable boxes as I tend to do, it’s okay to let the everything mingle. There is balance to be found in letting stuff collide.

When hatred smacks me on the face, there is the me that is compassionate, kind and loving. When sadness and despair loom, there is contentment add gratefulness. When fear threatens to stop me in my tracks I remember that I am brave.

And when my memory fails me there is nothing like nature to center and ground me…toes in the mud or tickled by cool grass, the blue sky and clouds, soft rain and the moon and stars above.

It’s always good to remember the truth about who I am…the things that sustain me and are constant to see me through the days that are less than.

Have a good week remembering. 🙂

Shi Sai Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 9 April 2017

no one’s listening anymore
there is a softer world
I listen to warblers trilling, and rain
Happy Independence Day Baby
it’s the little things
but nothing happens
making things great again
karma remembers
toes in muddy ooze
whisper to her gently by name
streams of sun bursting
the rest goes,
truth is elusive
no place to hide…enough is enough
it is frosted by clouds
sometimes I need reminding

kat – 9 April 2017


A shi sai or ReVerse poem is a summary poem with a single line lifted from each entry of a collection of work over a particular timeframe and re-penned in chronological order as a new poem. Unlike a collaborative poem, the shi sai features the words of one writer,providing a glimpse into their thoughts over time. I use it as a review of the previous week. 😊

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