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Some days the world felt so small. After college Lara spent the next few years traveling the globe.

“Travel while you’re young, honey,” her mum told her. She never mentioned though, that she was sick.

Lara received news of her mum’s passing two continents away. That day the world felt too big.

52 Words Exactly for Sacha’s 52 Weeks 52 Words Flash Fiction Challenge. This week’s prompt….Write about what happens next as it relates to the photo above.

Winter Tree – A Six Word Story

Painting by Kat Myrman

Winter Tree

Don’t be deceived by her fragility.

kat – 4 December 2015



I became free when I
realized that
can’t be bought
or sold
or bargained for…
and that it is
and all inclusive
and accessible.

~Kat – February 15, 2014

A Celebration of the Autumnal Equinox!


Now enters Autumn full of bluster,
As tender petals cling in cluster.
Soon as shorter days approach 
A weary Sol will retire his post
To beloved Luna hovering low
Seducing tides in Amber glow.
For day is short as night is long,
This night Sweet Summer moans her parting song.
Her frost-kissed dew drips from the sky,
Another Autumn Equinox is nigh!

2014 ~ Kat 

Ode to Crushed Ice…(Ice Ice Baby)


Holidays, vacation, healthcare,
Friday hours and IRA’s…
Training, coffee, dental, stocks,
Perks galore to make me stay!

Can I share a little secret?
To ensure my loyalty
offer me an ice machine…
I’ll be yours eternally!

Kat 2015

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