Birth of a Lie – NaPoWriMo 2017 #19


the birth of a lie

once upon a time, when words had meaning
when everyone believed that words were true
no living soul conceived they’d need to question
or turn a blind eye in the face of proof

it was a time of blissful innocence
until the day the first untruth took hold
‘twas only meant to spare another’s feelings
I’m sure you’d do the same, if truth be told

but oh what happened after its telling
the ignorance and bliss of those deceived
everyone agreed, it bore repeating
and so the lie, it grew like a bad seed

when naysayers tried hard to deny it
they were swiftly cast aside, reviled
greedy profiteers began to sell it
for blissful happiness, the crowds went wild

soon the truth was hidden twixt the pages,
and history rewritten, as preferred,
faux everything became the rage of ages
and truth was just an inconvenient blur

sometimes truth will show up unexpected
like a fragile flower amidst the weeds
you can recognize it using reason
don’t be surprised if nobody believes

kat – 19 April 2017
(NaPoWriMo 2017 #19 – a dramatization of a creation myth…birth of a lie for today’s prompt in the form of a Fable Poem.)

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