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Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 24 May 2020

It’s Memorial Day weekend in America. A time when we remember the sacrifice of those who gave their life in service to our country, specifically those who wore a uniform in military service. It is right and good that we do. That we set aside a day to remember, in gratefulness and awe, their sacrifice to protect the liberty and freedom, the right to pursue life and happiness, that we hold dear.

But I wonder, what is liberty and freedom in the days of Covid 19? What are our rights in this life of new normal? It’s not so much about rights, my rights, but rather what is right and good. I have been inspired these many weeks of sheltering in by a new army of selfless servants. The healthcare workers, the restauranteurs who cooked takeout, the grocery store workers, the mail carriers, delivery drivers, trash collectors, power company employees, the supply chain employees that kept essentials flowing and us, rolling in things like toilet paper…who knew that would be a thing? I wonder if the powers that be will designate a day in memory of these tireless heroes. Some gave their all…it is right that we do.

In the meantime, even as I remember our military heroes, I pause to honor these new heroes. I do it in small ways everyday…by thanking them, by being kind, and by wearing a mask when I am out to let them and others know that I care about keeping them safe. It’s the least I can do because freedom and liberty are not about my rights to pursue my own happiness to the exclusion of others. Freedom and liberty is not about my right to get a haircut, to have my nails done, to pack into corner pubs to have a drink, or to get in the face of others mask-less, spewing hatred and disdain, indignant that anyone would dare try to fence us in, to tell us what we can and cannot do. This is not freedom. Freedom and liberty only work when everyone is safe and well. Freedom is exemplified by those who gave their all, whether on distant shores in combat or on a very different battlefield in selfless care and concern for others. We’re not there yet. Sometimes I wonder if we will ever get there. But I know each of us can do our part. It’s what I choose to do. It’s the least I can do. I embrace my power to be kind, considerate, grateful, and in awe of the selfless heroes around me. What freedom! What liberty! What happiness!

Be safe and well my friends. Have a wonderful week!

Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 24 May 2020

morning will be here before we know

air, cool misty, damp

into the empty

bare limbs brushing the clay

finding joy in quiet moments,

in the eye of the storm


A ReVerse poem (a practice I started many years ago) is a summary poem with a single line lifted from each entry of a collection of work over a particular timeframe and re-penned in chronological order as a new poem. Unlike a collaborative poem, the ReVerse features the words of one writer, providing a glimpse into their thoughts over time. I use it as a review of the previous week.


Art from cliparts.co

A new form that I’m trying today…the Acrostic Poem. My samplings, a study in opposites…


Someday I hope you can remember
All the good things about us
Days of happiness, carefree, loving
Not that I want your pity
Everything happens for a reason
Still I miss how easily we fit
Seems we just outgrew one another.


How do I explain this
All-consuming feeling
In a word
No single word is
Ever adequate
Simplicity, just being it, is best.

~kat – 26 February 2017

Sunday’s Week in Re-Verse – 31 January 2016



This is Maxwell who has mastered the art of living life to the fullest! 🙂


Happy Sunday to you. I have to admit, I didn’t think I’d find the time to write much this week. Work proved to be a bear…with digging out from the snow to hosting out of town guests for hours of meetings, requiring me to schedule, compose notes, cater lunches and dinners, etc, etc. It pays the bills, my day job, but some weeks it can be quite a challenge to keep my head afloat.

Enter this week’s challenges and verse! Wisdom led me to start the week off cooking a warm pot of soup. It sustained me for several days. Then we launched into a variety of lovely poetry and fiction challenges. Past weeks have presented darker prompts that left me no choice but to tell tales of sadness or to pen poetry deep in melancholia. But this week presented sunflowers and words like sleep (ah lovely sleep), tales of celebrations, and triumph. Oh there were a few less uplifting headers, but I managed through these balanced by the incredible upbeat other verses and prose.

I suppose that this week could best be summarized by the word balance. Or if you want to take a really broad view…LIFE. 🙂 Life has ups and downs, celebrations as well as mourning and choices…always choices. We can choose to be happy no matter where we find ourselves on the journey. And there is something to be said as well for allowing ourselves to be wrapped in exquisite sorry…to give ourselves fully to it. It is so cleansing for the soul!

Because the truth is, every moment, the full piercing emotions of each, are fleeting. There is always another chance at happiness, peace, goodness and grief. The trick is not lingering too long. Life is best lived when we are moving. 🙂

Sunday’s Week in Re-Verse – 31 January 2016

And oh my, it was-a mighty good-a!
It was her moment!
as if it’s a thing one finds
They wait in obscurity
To sleep anywhere…
fits of hysteria,
Maybe I’ll just stick with butterflies.
she closed her eyes and imagined him listening.
All tucked in for another night!
Wishing you sunflowers!
Best viewed from afar.
The track doesn’t end at the bottom.
enlightened pilgrims understand
‘Tis heaven on earth…like a soft morning kiss!
Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah. Whatever makes you happy!

kat ~ 31 January 2016

If you’re new to this blog, a bit of background to explain the verse above. It is a line from each poem or prose from the previous week. Lifted and placed in the order written. A snapshot review of the week. It helps me to prepare for the upcoming week with a clean slate.

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