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Magnetic Poetry Monday – 2 October 2017

there is a haunting cloud of poison
in the air this morning…a red hot sky
our salty tears making dirty trails
on our faces…smiles darkened
in the wake of hate’s fire


Magnetic Poetry

Remembering Las Vegas…and keeping close to heart, those still suffering in Puerto Rico, islands in the Caribbean and Texas and Florida.


Art from cliparts.co

A new form that I’m trying today…the Acrostic Poem. My samplings, a study in opposites…


Someday I hope you can remember
All the good things about us
Days of happiness, carefree, loving
Not that I want your pity
Everything happens for a reason
Still I miss how easily we fit
Seems we just outgrew one another.


How do I explain this
All-consuming feeling
In a word
No single word is
Ever adequate
Simplicity, just being it, is best.

~kat – 26 February 2017

Forget Me

Please don’t bring me flowers
they won’t help me forget
they only bring sadness

you’d like me to forget
how you caused this sadness
love fades like plucked flowers

ripped from their roots, sadness
crushes lifeless flowers
of course they can’t forget

So take your dead flowers, forget me and leave me to my sadness.

kat ~ 9 September 2016

This is in response to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge, to write a Tritina based on this gloomy painting. Jane suggested that we choose three words before starting our poem after looking at the painting. These are the words I chose:
1. Flowers
2. Forget
3. Sadness

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