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A new form that I’m trying today…the Acrostic Poem. My samplings, a study in opposites…


Someday I hope you can remember
All the good things about us
Days of happiness, carefree, loving
Not that I want your pity
Everything happens for a reason
Still I miss how easily we fit
Seems we just outgrew one another.


How do I explain this
All-consuming feeling
In a word
No single word is
Ever adequate
Simplicity, just being it, is best.

~kat – 26 February 2017

Magnetic Poetry Saturday

a thousand emotions
dance in my soul
fighting for my heart
only I have power over
the one that I can trust.

kat – 17 September 2016

This week’s offering for Specks and Fragments (formerly Elusive Trope).

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