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Magnetic Poetry Monday

she is not broken

by darkness

she embraces the

magic of the night

she is woman

wild as the day

she was born


Magnetic Poetry Poet Kit

Her Eulogy


She was the kind of girl who lit up a room. Not in a flashy over the top sort of way. She had a calming presence, but it was more than that. Grace perhaps? It was something special, hard to describe. I remember the first time I saw her sitting along the far edge of a room full of boisterous people, heavy into schmoozing.  She was deep in conversation with our host’s Labrador Retriever. Otis was his name I think. And Otis, well, he hung on her every word, just as I drank in her every move, breathless.

I underestimated her that first meeting, you know. Of course I made it a point to get to know her better. Wouldn’t you? She opened herself to me like an ocean, given to tidal swells of emotion, teeming with life just under the surface, fierce yet healing. I hadn’t expected to find a wild spirit beneath her calm demeanor, but it endeared her to me even more. Over the years I learned about wild things. Only one so confident, comfortable in their own skin can exude such grace. Only one so free could dance through the layers of suffering and cross over into death…and in so doing, teach us all…teach me, what it is to live.

light fading, flicker
death swept you away too soon
how graceful you were
dancing with death, like lovers,
your final breath seizing mine

For Colleen Cheseboro’s Weekly Poetry Challenge inspired by the words: Calm and Wild. Today’s offering, a Haibun/Tanka. I have only recently discovered this form and I’m really enjoying idea of marrying poetry and prose. Peace and Grace Everyone! ❤

Magnetic Poetry Saturday – 15 October 2016 

I took advantage of this weekend’s full moon for this week’s magnetic poetry entry. I also found a cool app that allows me to remove backgrounds so I can overlay my poem on a photograph. You can see others magnetic poems at Elusive Trope’s blog, specks and fragments. 

she who cannot be muted

the clouds frost this
night’s full moon
as if they could quiet
her beautiful pure spirit,
but she will never be
overcome as though her
bright light is too wild

kat ~ 15 October 2016
(Magnetic Poetry Nature Kit)

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