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Fourth Kitten Rescued

Some of you know that a few months ago we discovered a mama cat with four kittens under our front porch. It has been two months or so since we were able to capture three kittens, but one remained at large with the mama…and we think we know who the daddy cat is. There have been several sightings of him in the neighborhood.

Two of the white kittens are now happily being spoiled by a new mom and dad and the runt is our Frankie.

I have been feeding the fugitives every morning and night seeking to gain their trust. The mama cat has warmed to me letting me pet her briefly as I put the food bowl down, but the kitten has been a formidable escape artist. I had set up an animal crate with a long boa feather lure on the porch (everyone thought I was crazy). As I returned from my morning walk on Wednesday, the kitten took the bait and I was able to capture it!

Now comes the process of taming the hiss and spit out of this little one! I have spent several sessions rocking, smooth talking and petting this kitten, wrapping it tightly in a blanket to protect myself from claws! (Safety first 😉), and this evening we had a real breakthrough! I was able to loosen the blanket and rock the kitten to sleep! He/she is not likely to remember our tender encounter next time I come for a visit, but each time gets a little less stressful for both of us. I’m a sucker. I think this one may be a keeper too.

Next on the game plan is getting Mama captured and spayed. Then on to her waiting forever home to live the life she deserves. I’ve been a bit busy this week between work, kitten rescue and tending to my resident pack…but watching this little one sleep in my arms has made it all worth it. Have a lovely weekend. You know what I’ll be doing! 😉🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾❤️

Rescue Mission Abort

“We’ve been told to stand down, Skip’.”

“This came from the top? From command?”

“Just repeating what I heard…and saw. Here’s the order in black and white.”

“Why are we here then, if not to evacuate folks?”

“I heard they didn’t pay their bills.”

“The whole goddamned country is in debt. Are we just gonna let ‘em die?! I can’t just sit here in the harbor and let that happen. These are fellow Americans we’re talking about.”

“Apparently there was a question about that too. They can’t vote after all.”

“Bastard! What a moron! Pull anchor Smitty. We’re going in.”


100 Words for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Friday Fictioneers Challenge based on this photo by © Ted Strutz.

Please note: This is fiction. While it can be viewed as a dramatization of current events, no elements of this story are based on actual facts…(except maybe the “moron” name calling part 😳)

Pets – A Photo Montage for Cees Photo Challenge

I have never entered one of Cee’s Fun Photo Challenges before, but the topic this week caught my attention. I live in a ZOO! Well not literally, but I do live with a menagerie of fury, feathered, scaly critters. So I couldn’t pass this one up. I present to you my “babies”. 🙂


This is Henry…our first English Mastiff. We lost him 2-1/2 years ago and I still miss him everyday.


This is Merlin. Born on Labor day…days before 9/11.


And Merlin’s Litter Mate, Sebastian.


Casey…a refugee that we found on the side of the road in 2005 at about 4 weeks of age.


This is Mr. Bean, a Sun Conure and our “watch” bird. Nobody steps on our front porch without Mr. Bean letting everyone know about it!


This is Maxwell, who is THREE YEARS OLD TODAY! 🙂 We adopted him the summer before Henry left us. After months of trying to console him, we decided he needed a buddy…


…so we rescued this handsome fellow, Winston, who will also be 3 in July. He had been abused and abandoned at only 6 months. We work on rebuilding his broken trust every day.


Meet Flash. He’s a Russian Tortoise that we inherited after a family member could no longer care for him. As you can see, he is spoiled at our house!


And finally, this is Lucy…I mean Ms. Lucy. She is the official queen of the house. We rescued her last fall after her family surrendered her to a high-kill shelter. She is blind and deaf, but that doesn’t stop her from getting around AND showing the big dogs who is boss! At 16, the Vet believes she still has 4-5 years to be spunky. We’ll take it!

Old School Gumshoe


“Ticks and tocks of essential time, sink the spirits lower than wine…” 

What did it mean? It was the only thing of substance recovered from the crime scene. This and the bloody remnants of a violent scuffle…but no body. From the width and span of the blood trail that ended at the curb, Sean figured it was a large, heavy person, likely moved from the scene in a vehicle…a van, with easy access to the edge of the sidewalk.

Sean had seen this before. A post-it note and a trail of blood. Attempts were made to identify the victims based on missing persons’ reports and DNA tests, but no matches had been found.

Back at the precinct Sean added the note to the evidence board in his office. He was old school. The younger detectives used computer programs to solve their cases, but Sean liked to see it on the wall, full size. 

This was the third victim in as many weeks. Three cryptic messages. Three trails of blood. The crime scenes were all west of the River, but the locations seemed random.

Sean scanned the messages again.

“Bridges take you here to there…water takes you everywhere.” The first note was found behind the textile warehouse at the edge of town; no bridges or water nearby.

The second message read, “Musical notes melodic and sweet…quench the thirst of savage beasts…” Again the crime scene didn’t have any link to music or…

“Wait! Of course! I can’t believe I didn’t see it before now!” The second scene was located at the dock, a block from the old stone bridge. And this last crime scene was in the alley behind the strip club on Broad Street.

Sean repeated the third message, “ticks and tocks of essential time…ticks and tocks…essential time…clocks, something to do with clocks.” There was a clock tower in the square and another huge clock at the First National Bank. But the second part…sink the spirits lower than wine…a bar? There were no bars near either clock. “Think Sean…sinks the spirits…lower than wine…ticks and tocks…essential time…sinks…spirits…lower…” Sean’s eyes widened, “The clock tower at Shady Grove Cemetery! If this guy tries again, this has to be where he’ll strike!”

Sean enlisted a team of officers to monitor the cemetery. Three nights passed. Nothing. 

On the fourth night, a grey van pulled into the entrance. When it stopped 100 feet from the clock tower, Sean and his team wasted no time moving in. As the driver opened the side door of the van, a woman with hands bound and head covered by a dark pillow case tumbled out. He shoved her toward the clock tower alcove. 

Within seconds the officers had overtaken the killer, disarming him just as he raised a knife to deliver the first blow.

Sean didn’t need a computer to help solve this or any other case. He was old school.

kat ~ 15 January 2016

(498 Words)

A short story for RonovanWrites Friday Fiction Challenge. This week’s challenge: Write a story using the line, “Ticks and tocks of essential time, sink the spirits lower than wine…”  somewhere in the story.  500 words or less. If you would like to read other stories or write your own, click HERE for the link.


Stairway to Freedom


The effects of the drug were wearing off.

“Think Angela! That disgusting man will be back soon.”

She scanned the room. There was a filthy cot and there…on the wall, a metal framed photo. Metal!

Angela broke off part of frame and furiously chipped away pieces of the window frame.


They were getting louder. Her heart was racing as she worked faster, fingers bleeding, when the door behind her crashed open.

“Are you okay ma’am?”

Angela turned in terror and collapsed into the arms of the detective.

kat ~ 14 January 2016
(91 Words / Genre: Suspense)

A flash fiction story for Friday Fictioneers weekly challenge based on the photo above provided by Amy Reese. Thanks to Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields for hosting. Read other stories or enter your own by clicking HERE.


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