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Stairway to Freedom


The effects of the drug were wearing off.

“Think Angela! That disgusting man will be back soon.”

She scanned the room. There was a filthy cot and there…on the wall, a metal framed photo. Metal!

Angela broke off part of frame and furiously chipped away pieces of the window frame.


They were getting louder. Her heart was racing as she worked faster, fingers bleeding, when the door behind her crashed open.

“Are you okay ma’am?”

Angela turned in terror and collapsed into the arms of the detective.

kat ~ 14 January 2016
(91 Words / Genre: Suspense)

A flash fiction story for Friday Fictioneers weekly challenge based on the photo above provided by Amy Reese. Thanks to Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields for hosting. Read other stories or enter your own by clicking HERE.


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