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Fourth Kitten Rescued

Some of you know that a few months ago we discovered a mama cat with four kittens under our front porch. It has been two months or so since we were able to capture three kittens, but one remained at large with the mama…and we think we know who the daddy cat is. There have been several sightings of him in the neighborhood.

Two of the white kittens are now happily being spoiled by a new mom and dad and the runt is our Frankie.

I have been feeding the fugitives every morning and night seeking to gain their trust. The mama cat has warmed to me letting me pet her briefly as I put the food bowl down, but the kitten has been a formidable escape artist. I had set up an animal crate with a long boa feather lure on the porch (everyone thought I was crazy). As I returned from my morning walk on Wednesday, the kitten took the bait and I was able to capture it!

Now comes the process of taming the hiss and spit out of this little one! I have spent several sessions rocking, smooth talking and petting this kitten, wrapping it tightly in a blanket to protect myself from claws! (Safety first 😉), and this evening we had a real breakthrough! I was able to loosen the blanket and rock the kitten to sleep! He/she is not likely to remember our tender encounter next time I come for a visit, but each time gets a little less stressful for both of us. I’m a sucker. I think this one may be a keeper too.

Next on the game plan is getting Mama captured and spayed. Then on to her waiting forever home to live the life she deserves. I’ve been a bit busy this week between work, kitten rescue and tending to my resident pack…but watching this little one sleep in my arms has made it all worth it. Have a lovely weekend. You know what I’ll be doing! 😉🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾❤️


So…if you read last Sunday’s post, you will know that we were on a mission to save four kittens from under our porch. And the mama too, to get her spayed and find a home for all. But our mission last week was bittersweet because the lone black kitten got away.

I’ve been working on gaining the trust of the mama cat, hoping she would lead us to the lone little kitten who got away and today we had a breakthrough! He/she is alive and well under the neighbor’s porch.

Needless to say we will commence operation rescue kitties part 2 today! Also on my list…getting a larger litter box! These little rascals can sure eat and POOP! Welcome to my world…as I’ve said, I live in a zoo! Here’s a snapshot of my resident critters…

Apparently strays and wildlife have our number! Hey…what’s a few more mouths to feed!!! 😀

Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 16 June 2019


I usually get to this weekly exercise bright and early, but this weekend has been a distraction. We decided to extract kittens from our crawl space. I was worried for them being out in the elements. Worried for the mama cat too, who we plan to humanely capture and get spayed so there will be no more kittens for her to deal with. Finally, we hoped to find homes for all this little refugee family. We prepared a small room we are not using to house them (so as not to mix them in with my resident brood of cats and dogs). Plans are set to take them for medical exams, worming, vaccinations and the like. Needless to say, none of this was planned, and dealing with a litter of kittens is certainly not how I would have chosen to spend this weekend. But that is where we found ourselves. Life throws us curveballs all the time.

When we got under the porch we realized we had quite a challenge. The previous owners of this house had dumped the former porch planks underneath the existing one and we discovered a series of tunnels, dug, we suspect, by a ground hog or some other sizable burrowing critter. Thanks to the help of our neighbors we were able to save three kittens from the dangerous maze under our house and get them safely inside. The mother cat of course darted straight away in all the commotion and one kitten eluded us. It is bittersweet. My heart breaks that we couldn’t save them all in one grand effort. We will continue to feed mama cat every morning and night. She wanders several houses down after filling her belly. We suspect she has the fourth kitty stowed away somewhere else. At least we hope so, and we hope also that she sees fit to bring it back with her at a future date. There is nothing we would like more than to reunite this little family, care for them and find them loving forever homes.

All this had me thinking about what is happening at our southern border…children being separated from their parents, kept in cages (though this is not the condition my visiting kittens find themselves in). It’s is an oddly similar situation, though there are some differences. We fully plan for this family to have wonderful lives, all of them…mama too. We hope that these little souls will find that we are good humans. It is sad to think that there needs to be a distinction made. Between good and bad humans, the latter having no compassion for life in all its beautiful forms. It breaks my heart to know that there are young children who have no hope for a normal future because those in power are unwilling to address the problem of immigration and how we deal with refugees. And it breaks my heart to know that there are people who think the families at the border deserve the cruel treatment they are enduring for having come here hoping for more.

I suppose we could have ignored the family of kittens who came to live under our porch. They certainly didn’t ask us if they could crash in our crawlspace. And we don’t really owe them anything. We could just let nature take its course. I’m sure there are some people who would tell me as much. They are not our responsibility after all. But this evening, as write this, I am taking a deep breath. We saved three…homes waiting for them when they are ready (health checked, and a wee bit older). I may not have the power to save every kitten, or every human who finds itself in need of rescuing. But I have this moment, this unexpected weekend, to do a tiny part in showing care and compassion. I don’t expect thanks or special recognition for this. Knowing that I made things better for three and hopefully five (mama and the stray kitten) will be enough. And having this opportunity to tap into the well of compassion is a blessing, unexpected as it may be. The most any of us can hope for is to leave this place a little better than we found it. I’m trying my best…I really am.

Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 16 June 2019

work life balance is having it all
if only she knew
just being was enough
don’t lose your head over it
burning the candle at both ends
a mourning dove coos from the cable line
commands a personal sense of right,
never to return, she waits by the phone
angry waves swirl and swell


A ReVerse poem is a summary poem with a single line lifted from each entry of a collection of work over a particular timeframe and re-penned in chronological order as a new poem. Unlike a collaborative poem, the ReVerse features the words of one writer, providing a glimpse into their thoughts over time. I use it as a review of the previous week.

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