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February Poem #10

…to the rain

dark clouds brimming, burst
a cascade of droplets flow
sating a world that thirsts
sweetened breezes blow
tender shoots break ground in afterglow


November Naani #2

pricked by boughs swept
bare, hovering low, the
clouds, drizzle droplets
pitapatting on the fallen leaves


November’s Daily Poetry form is the Naani – 4 lines, 20-25 syllables in all.

Afternoon Zen

Rainfall is a beautiful sound. Lovely on a Saturday afternoon!

Daily Lune #9

clouds hang heavy
opaque grey, blue sky muted
feels like rain


42 Day 18

i can tell

how luminous you are
in deep shades of green…

you must love the rain
luxuriating in cool wetness
while I contend with frizzy locks


42 Day 18 for Jane Dougherty’s Daily Poem Challenge. Day 1 of this week’s rain was refreshing, along with a great relief due to the cold front that it pushed through. But today…three, or is it four? it’s a blur…days in, enough already.  Everything is damp…my clothes, my hair, the air. What I wouldn’t give for a zero humidity sunny day. A girl can dream…

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