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Mist – a Haiku

haunting trills
phantoms in the mist
loons at dawn


For Haiku Horizons Challenge, prompt word, Mist. Photo by StockSnap at Pixabay, digitally enhanced by K. Myrman.

Misty Fay

the muse beckons me
misty shapeshifting fay
her visage obscured


A Senryu for Colleen Chesebro’s Tuesday Poetry Challenge based on the prompt words Mist and Shape.


Strange Mist

oddly hovering,
mist along the forest edge,
heaven bending near

For TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge based on TJ’s photo above and the promp words Strange (odd) and Mist.

Magnetic Poetry Monday – 17 October 2016

goddess song

like a thousand crushed
diamonds moon-mist rains
from the sky whispering
sweet nothings into
the ears of dreamers
fast asleep

kat ~ 17 October 2016
(Magnetic Poetry Original Kit)

Mist – A Limerick


The valley is covered in blankets of mist
dew heavy clouds that descend for a tryst
though some find it dreary
who must venture out early
‘Tis heaven on earth…like a soft morning kiss!

kat ~ 30 January 2016

A Limerick for Mind and Life Matters Limerick Challenge. To read others or enter your own limerick, click HERE.  Thanks to Rashmi for hosting this week’s challenge prompt: “Mist”.


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