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Marion, the Fussy Librarian

There once was a fussy librarian
the kids called her mean, old Miss Marion
she demanded they whisper
quite loudly she’d blister
a high-decibeled disciplinarian!

kat ~ 10 March 2016
A limerick in response to Rashmi’s Limerick Poetry Challenge / Prompt: Whisper. If you would like to read other Limericks or enter your own, click HERE.

Tattoo Folly


Old Pete had a hankering for booze
Spending many a night quite confused
But he vowed he would quit
when his wife threw a fit
She was Joan, but his tattoo said Sue!

kat ~ 17 February 2016

A limerick for Rashmi’s of Mind and Life Matters weekly Limerick Challenge. The Prompt Word is “Apsire”. Today I am using the synonym “Hanker”. If you would like to read others Limericks or enter your own click HERE.

Savage – A Limerick


Discovering the chicken coop damaged,
said the farmer, “I must find this savage!”
He sent out the hounds
to cover more ground…
While away, all the chickens were ravaged!

kat ~ 5 February 2016

Disclaimer: No wolves or chickens were harmed in the writing of this limerick! 🙂

A limerick based on this week’s prompt word, “Feral” (I used a synonym for my limerick: “Savage”). If you would like to participate in this challenge hosted by Rashmi at Mind and Life Matters Limerick Challenge, please click HERE.


She ran in the cold, heat and rain
everyday she would push past the pain
not to win any race
but to forget his face
moving on was her ultimate aim.

kat ~ 1 February 2016

A Limerick for Mind and Life Matters Weekly Limerick Challenge. This week’s promot is Pain. Thanks Rashmi for challenging us once again. If you would like to read other Limericks or join in by entering your own, click HERE.

Mist – A Limerick


The valley is covered in blankets of mist
dew heavy clouds that descend for a tryst
though some find it dreary
who must venture out early
‘Tis heaven on earth…like a soft morning kiss!

kat ~ 30 January 2016

A Limerick for Mind and Life Matters Limerick Challenge. To read others or enter your own limerick, click HERE.  Thanks to Rashmi for hosting this week’s challenge prompt: “Mist”.


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