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Life Lessons from a House Cat – Haiku

I never tire of this view. It is my 13 year old kitty Casey as she watches and waits for a random bird or squirrel sighting in the form of shadows dancing on the drapes in my room at sunrise. She will do this for hours. The fact that she can never catch the objects of her desire matters not. It is the thrill of the hunt that calls her back again and again.

And I realize that too often I get so focused on the prize, or the goal or deadline, that I forget to enjoy the process. The older I get the more I realize that the greatest reward and importantly, the best memories are found along the way, not at the finish line.

Wherever you find yourself on your particular path this first day of June, pause to forget your destination, just for a moment…long enough to take in the view. And be blessed! ❤️

Life Lessons from a House Cat – Haiku

patiently she waits
to glimpse prey through frosted glass
life of a house cat

~kat 1 June 2016

Just Remember to Breathe


PHOTO PROMPT – © Sandra Crook

It’s here to remind us of the day that time stopped. To remind us to breathe.  As I recall, the sun grew dark and the earth shuddered and heaved stopping on its axis for 60 seconds.

In the silence everyone breathed in deeply…so deeply that the ground sunk from the weight of the air filling our lungs. As we exhaled, gravity gave way and we floated. And then the earth jolted, the clouds starting drifting again and the sun sparkled golden once more. Though nothing seemed changed we all knew the truth. In that moment we realized we are one.

~kat – 17 February 2016
(100 Words)

A flash of fiction for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneer Challenge based on the photo prompt above by Sandra Crook. Read more stories or enter your own HERE.

Eternity’s Bridge


this moment,
pause, suspended
between once upon
and come what may,
midway there
from here
let go
be present
breathe in, breathe out
practice mindfulness
in theory
is not

kat ~ 13 January 2016

A descending/ascending nonet for Jane Dougherty’s poetry challenge this week. The challenge is to write a short poem using the prompt “Bridge”. If you would like to read other poems or enter your own, please click HERE.

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