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Saturday with the Muse

she’s a wild one, they say
a free spirit living by her
intuition, following a sacred
path, a wanderer, she knows
there is more to life than
being normal like the rest

there is no magic,
no secret to finding
one’s bliss
listen to your heart
it will show the way

I have opened my
eyes to a thousand
mornings remembering
only bits of dreams
I think they must
belong to the night
and my heart…it knows

I never mentioned
the bits of eggshells
on my tongue…what
mattered most was
the love you baked
into the cake and
its sweetness


Magnetic Poetry Online

Saturday with the Muse

in the stillness whispers
a thousand words, maybe
more, pounding in my head
surging beneath my skin, yet
I have but to sing them
into life, stopping the
madness, a symphony

colors dancing
morning blush
brilliant greens
dazzling blue sky
dark of night
devoured by the day

a little love, caring,
kindness, could make a life feel
as if it’s not wasted

season of blossoms
fertile earth seeding, deep green
beautiful summer


Magnetic Poetry Online

Saturday with the Muse

would that flowers
lingered longer,
never fading…
but then we’d
miss the magic
of seeing them

the music ended
still, they danced
a song in their hearts

garden, honey drunk,
rain misting…a sea
of petals, purple,
rose red, pink
summer symphony


Magnetic Poetry Online

Saturday with the Muse

rain on rose petals
magnifies their raw beauty
sweetness aching red

eternity’s embrace
surrounds us in this moment
it is not out there

innocently charmed
by love’s sweetness keeps our heart
open to life’s hope

breathe deeply the dawn
roses, daffodils, air thick
sweetness on the breeze


Haikus today, for an extra challenge, using Magnetic Poetry Online.

Saturday Magnets

I heard a bird’s

sweet song, happy

for winter’s warmth

out of season, and there

were blossoms blooming…

but it is too soon

frost is coming

under the starry night

sky it’s easy to believe

in dreams, making

promises that we

won’t keep…then

morning comes

I am just a

fool who lingers

a bit too long

in my head

bleeding poetry with

each heart throb

you could shine like

a diamond crushed

into a thousand

tiny bits, but

you are afraid

of flying


Magnetic Poetry Online

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