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May Day 12


she will
be blooming,
petals bursting in brief, fragrant splendor


Poetry form for the month of May: Tetractys/5 lines/syllable count 1-2-3-4-10.

Magnolia Bittersweet

How fleetingly fragile, Magnolia’s blooms,
lemony sweet ivory, bursting at dawn,
much too soon fading from the sun’s scorching glare,
crimson fruit clinging, summering into fall.
It’s an ancient blueprint tested over time,
season to season, wintering evergreen,
deep rooted resilience in every way,
but for tender blossoms lasting only days.

kat ~ 4 June 2016

Echoes of my Neighborhood

I am staying with the Tree theme this week for my Echoes of my Neighborhood entry. I have been keeping a close eye on my young Magnolia tree. She has not had a blooming season yet in her young life, until this year. As temperatures warmed she burst into new growth, more than I had seen in Spring’s past. And most recently I noticed a single bud forming. 

As my birthday approached this week I secretly hoped for a a full bloom on my special day. And to my great delight, that is exactly what happened. I like to call events like this serendipitous. It is a truly humbling and wonderful blessing! And so I am sharing with you photos that I took this morning and again this evening. What a wonderful gift! 

There is quite a bit of symbolism at play as well. The Chinese people celebrate a 60th birthday as a completion of a full life cycle. It is a day of rebirth. When you see some of the symbolism associated with the Magnolia blossom, you will see what I mean when I say this flowering is serendipitous! 

The Symbolism of the Magnolia Blossom

Magnolia blossoms are considered the very first or most primitive flowers. Because of this, they are also said to be a symbol of long life. White Magnolia blossoms represent purity, feminine sweetness and perfection and are symbols of Luna or moon goddesses. They are associated with life force and birth. The name Magnolia is the number 9 in Numerology, signifying the completion of a cycle and standing as a universal number. It likewise symbolizes a lifetime of fulfillment and nobility. Receiving a magnolia bloom brings the message, “You are worthy of a beautiful magnolia.” ❤

What a blessing that my little tree blossomed today of all days! 

June 2. 2016 – 6:30 am

June 2, 2016 – 6:00 pm – Beginnings of an open blossom!

Serendipitous, indeed! 🙂

Echoes of my Neighborhood

It’s Thursday and time to share some snippets from my world. Thanks to my friend Jacqueline for hosting this weekly invitation: Echoes of my Neighborhood. 

This week I’m thinking trees. I love trees. Yes, I’m a tree hugger. Trees have stories to tell. Happy Thursday then…and do yourself a favor…hug a tree! ❤️

Starting this “tree party” with my latest obsessiion…the Faerie tree. she happens to also be a Dogwood. I love Dogwoods! ❤️

This lovely lady is Magnolia.

This great dame resides in Highland Park. She’s my favorite at the park.

This beauty is near the entrance of my office.

A posthumous remembrance…this lovely Weeping Cherry once graced the roundabout on my street. A derecho took her down.

From my weekend in Savannah.

The next four live along the Creeper Trail in Abington, Virginia

A frosty Fir tree in my neighbor’s yard next to my front porch.

Also my neighbor’s tree…it’s a “bottle tree”! 😊

…and a few blocks away…a stuffed animal tree. it’s proprietor claims she sought to beautify an ugly tall stump by hanging a few stuffed animals on it. over the years…yes years! people have given her more stuffed animals and the rest is history! An attempt to beautify an eyesore has now become one!

…and my own creation…digitally enhanced from my back yard…the tree with a bird shaped leaf in winter.

So This is Grace – A Bref Double


My little Magnolia tree, bursting with buds, soon to experience her first blooming! I am reminded to pause this first day of May, in the presence of this grace and others, to count my blessings. Sometimes I get so busy, caught up in the cares and worries of life, and I forget. I forget how wonderful life is. I forget to notice the treasures waiting for me in each moment.

i’ve grown accustomed
to fragrant spring blooms
to woodnotes and rain
to sweet morning dew

i’ve come to expect
sunrises and sets
star dusted night skies
moons full to new

rather ungrateful
my sad life’s beset
with busyness, soon
my time will come due

though I may forget
grace always makes room.

©kat – 1 May 2016

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